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Monday, 19 June 2017

Poppies : Weeping window in Derby in 360 degrees. From my Google Streetview collection.

The famous Weeping window Poppies display is in Derby at the moment and here until 23rd July.
I have captured the amazing display as seen 10 foot in the air and added it to my Google Streetview collection.

Simply drag the view point around with the mouse.

All of these photographs show up on Google Maps as small blue spots when you turn on Streetview mode (Click on the orange peg man)

Or click this link to view it : 360 degree view of the Poppies Weeping window display in Derby.

Here is the same view but captured at 7am : 7am view of the Weeping window.

Here is the display as seen from the footbridge :

And another 360 view from the area in front of the Silk Mill :


Sunday, 2 April 2017

Some of my new 360 degree Google Streetview photographs. Derby, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield.

Hi, Sorry for the total lack of posts but my life has completely changed but trying to get back on track with it. Now the weather is getting better I have produced a few new 360 degree Google Streetview photographs.
Here are some of them below. Simply drag the view point around with the mouse.
All of these photographs show up on Google Maps as small blue spots when you turn on Streetview mode (Click on the orange peg man)

I have submitted 596 such photos so far !

The Crocus flower beds on Bradshaw Way, Derby. March 2017

Foundation works for the 244-bed student accommodation block on Agard Street, Derby. April 2017 f

This is the decorative stonework on Derby Central Library, Derby. April 2017

Statue of Michael Thomas Bass, MP of Derby. The Wardwick, Derby. This statue was made in 1885 !

Alport Stone, Alport Heights, Derbyshire

Holiday Street Aqueduct, Birmingham. Made by Andrew Handyside of Derby in 1890.

This is County Arcade, Leeds :

This is the view from the balcony of Birmingham Library, Birmingham.

Sheffield Town Hall, Sheffield

St Pauls Place at Night, Sheffield

Manchester Christmas Market, Albert Square, Manchester.


Monday, 29 August 2016

Steel Threads at Potfest Beer festival 2016 - A BIG thank you to Neil Wardleworth.

Yesterday (Sunday 28th August 2016) I went to the Flowerpot Potfest Beer festival. Something I would normally do with my Girlfriend but she lost her brave battle with Cancer and passed away on the 4th August so for the first time I went to this festival on my own.

I looked at the Festival poster to see what live music was on and found it was Steel Threads who I had not heard of so had a look on Youtube and the song that I found first was Beautiful Friend and listening to this song made me cry so much, The words meant so much to me and the pain of loosing my girlfriend after 19 years together was summed up in this song perfectly.

When I got to the Beer Festival I spotted Neil Wardleworth setting up and he came towards me and I told him how I lost her after 19 years and the funeral was only 5 days ago and his song had really moved me, he said "Wow, here's me worrying about doing this gig and here you are on your own, such a brave thing to do. I wasn't going to play that song but now you have told me that I am going to play it."

Well I really can't thank Neil enough for playing it and dedicating the song to my girlfriend, It was such a lovely gesture, it was strange hearing this song played live in front of me only an hour after finding it on YouTube.

Here is that song that he played for my girlfriend :

or use this link : Steel Threads - Beautiful Friend.

Follow them on Facebook : www.facebook.com/SteelThreads

What I also found upsetting is that my girlfriend was not around to enjoy this festival as she loved Northern Soul music. Life is very fragile and cruel. Live it !

Here is the poster for the Potfest 2016