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Wednesday 19 May 2010

New local webcam - Broomfield Hall college Birdbox, watch the newly hatched birds live.

Another new live streming webcam has gone live for Derbyshire.
This webcam is located inside a nesting box at the Broomfield Hall campus of Derby College.

This webcam allows you to see the daily life of a new family of Bluetits. This webcam requires Java to work. This can be installed for free by visiting here : Java

If you would like to have a look at the newly hatched eggs then view this new webcam on my Derby and Derbyshire webcams page. On this page you will find many local webcams to view around the City and county.

I have also updated my Derby webcam page detailing which webcams are compatible with the iPhone, some webcams use Adobe Flash which at the moment is NOT compatible with the Safari browser on iPhone.
What did surprise me when I was checking the webcams was that the Controllable viewpoint webcam at Broomfield college works on iPhone and you don't have to install a plugin. you can control the view by a single tap on the camera view.
I have removed the Kestrel webcam at Broomfield as thats no longer online.

I have removed the Carsington Reservoir webcam as that seems to have been removed after all these years online. I tried to find it again but looks like it really has gone completely, if you find it then please let me know so I can add it back in.

I also updated the Buxton streaming webcam as the URL had changed.
Keep an eye on the many webcams for Derby by visiting :
Derby and Derbyshire webcams.


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