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Friday 13 August 2010

Derby to Manchester at 678mph, Ultra high speed driving time-lapse video made from 8026 photographs

Here is my latest video, this one is a very fast driving time-lapse video of Derby to Manchester at an equivalent average driving speed of 678mph!

This video was recorded on Friday 30th July 2010. The first frame was captured at 10:01am in Derby
and the last image was captured at 2:24pm.in Manchester. There were three breaks in the journey, the first at Leek, the second at Maccesfield and the third at Stockport.

My Derby to Manchester Driving video:

Locations seen in the video.
Because of the very high speed of this timelapse video, the timecodes I have provided are only accurate to a second. Seeing as the video is being played at 25 frames per second, the distance covered in just 1 second of playback is great so landmarks will pass you very quickly.

Time - Information
00:30 This journey starts in Derby on the A38 heading down to Markeaton Island
00:33 Left at island onto A52 to Ashbourne
00:35 Here is the turn off for Mackworth Estate
00:44 Kirk Langley, Derbyshire
00:52 Brailsford, Derbyshire
01:05 Yeldersley, Derbyshire
01:11 Ashbourne round-a-bout, carry on A52 down the hill
01:16 2nd exit carry on along A52
01:18 1st exit carry on along A52
01:20 Mayfield, Staffordshire. Up the steep Swinscoe Hill
01:26 Swinscoe, Staffordshire
01:32 Calton Moor, Staffordshire. The A52 becomes the A523 here.
01:38 Waterhouses, Staffordshire
01:44 Winkhill, Staffordshire
01:51 Bottom House, Staffordshire
01:57 Bradnop, Staffordshire
02:06 Leek, Staffordshire
02:11 Stop in car park at Leek
02:14 Back on journey on the A523 North
02:30 Rushton, Cheshire
02:40 Bosley, Cheshire
02:43 The A54 crossroads
02:48 Oakgrove, Cheshire
02:51 Macclesfield, Cheshire
03:04 The Silk Road A523/B5470 round-a-bout
03:05 Stop at Tesco due to road works on Silk Road
03:15 Back at The Silk Road A523/B5470 round-a-bout
03:16 Up Hibel Road A537 to top and back down again
03:18 Left onto Beech Lane/Manchester Road A538
03:23 Tytherington, Macclesfield
03:27 1st exit back on the A523
03:35 Adlington, Cheshire
03:39 Poynton
03:49 Hazel Grove, Stockport
04:04 Great Moor
04:18 Stockport
04:24 park in Leisure centre car park for a break
04:29 Waiting to turn left back onto A523, now raining.
04:37 Left back onto A523
04:38 On the left is the chimney of the Hat Museum !
04:49 Heaton Chapel
04:53 McVities factory on left. You can smell those Ginger Nuts.
04:56 Levenshulme
05:05 Longsight
05:11 Left onto Plymouth Grove
05:20 Right onto Oxford Road
05:28 Left onto Great Bridgewater Street
05:53 Right onto Deansgate
05:41 On left is Hog's Head pub (amazing value food here)
05:45 Left onto Bridge Street
05:48 right onto Chapel Street
05:50 Arrive at Hotel.

Total filming time 154 mins (9240 seconds)
8026/9240= Photograph taken every 868ms

Want to know which roads I travelled on then please use my map here, It is very accurate if you zoom in or best still use the link below the map so you get a full web page map you can control
Detailed Driving route Map:

View Derby to Manchester timelapse car journey, July 2010. in a larger map

Music Credits:
The two excellent tracks I have used in my video are by Kazmo. See his page here:

Music part 1 (00:00 to 03:01 ) is Vermilion (NG Cut) by Kazmo.
Licensed under Creative Commons.

Music part 2 (03:02 to 06:21 ) is Glazia [2010 Preview] by Kazmo
Licensed under Creative Commons.

If you enjoyed my video please leave a comment.
Hope you like it.

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