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Wednesday 16 February 2011

Ford Street and Stafford Street become two-way as of today, A Big change for Derby motorists.

As of today (Friday 18th Februay) the Connecting Derby work has a major effect to how you drive around Derby, because Ford Street and Stafford Street become two-way. Temporary traffic signals will continue to operate at the Uttoxeter New Road roundabout to ensure that traffic flow remains effective.

Traffic travelling to the A52, city centre, Cock Pitt and Pentagon Island will be directed to use this route rather than the traditional route through Curzon Street and Cheapside.

I see Google Maps have already updated their map to show this new road layout around Stafford Street.
It even shows the new Mercian Way thats not due to open for a few weeks.

The "Connecting Derby" NEW Road Layout on Google Maps :

View Larger Map

If you want to know more about Connecting Derby then look at their latest news letter this shows all the latest news including a full detailed map of the new road layout.
I dare say until people update their Sat Navs this new road layout is going to cause chaos for people, especially people who have never driven around Derby before.

There is a detailed description on the Derby City Council website about what Connecting Derby will consist of: What is Connecting Derby.

If you have forgotten what Derby Inner Ring Road used to look like before all of this work then take a drive around it in my video - Video of Derby Inner Ring Road before connecting Derby.

UPDATE: As of 7:15 this morning the new road was NOT open so perhaps the Council have got the date wrong? It looked like there was a few more hours of tarmac work needed on Stafford Street before it could be opened to traffic.

UPDATE: Friday 18th February, finally this bit of road IS open but its still not finished off as there are parts of it that have raised iron work. I have just driven on the new bit. I drove down Uttox New road towards town and turned left down Stafford Street towards Ford Street where I turned LEFT onto Friar Gate towards Ashbourne Road.


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