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Friday 8 July 2011

The 2011 Derby City Charter Summer Beer Festival, On until Sunday 10th July.

This years Derby summer beer festival opened on Wednesday 6th of July and is ongoing until Sunday 10th July. So there is still time to go along and enjoy the real ales and ciders.
This is at Derby Assembly Rooms which is on Derby Market Place near the Quad.

If you have never been to a beer festival before then you are missing an experience, there are not just beers on sale there are ciders and Perries.  You can get some hot or cold food too. T-shirts and glasses are available to buy. And live music to watch each day.

Its best to arrive by foot, there is plenty of parking outside for your Beer Scooter :)

If your looking for a downloadable pdf guide to this years festival then click the link below. It lists all the beers and ciders along with their location in the hall :
Complete Beer list and guide by CAMRA.

When you pay the entrance fee, you go up the stairs and turn left to either hire a glass or buy a glass.
Its £2.50 for glasses which you can redeem at the end if you like.

Here are the opening times for the three remaining days of the festival.
  • Fri 8th July - 11.30 to 16.00 then 17.00 to 23.00
  • Sat 9th July - 11.30 to 16.00 then 18.30 to 23.00
  • Sun 10th July - 12.00 to 14.30
Admission Prices
  • Fri Lunch: £2 17.00-18.30: £3 Eve: £6
  • Sat Lunch: £3 Eve: £6
  • Sun Lunch: Free
Admission is free to CAMRA Members.

I love the ciders they had on.
The best one was "Pickled Pig Porkers Snout" a Med Sweet cider at 6.5% but we also tried "Three Cats" a local brew, "Old Goat" and "Westons Old Rosie". There was a cider called Woodthorpe Hall Ruby Suzie which was 10.5% which I did not try !!

Here are a few photographs I took on Thursday afternoon.

the stage at Derby Summer Beer Festival 2011
Derby Beer Festival sign on stage

This is The Bill Bailey Jazz Band who were performing on Thursday afternoon.
Bill Bailey jazz band at Derby Summer Beer festival 2011

This was the view in the Main Hall on Thursday 7th July. I'm standing near the ciders.
Derby Beer Festival, near the Ciders

I found this review of the Cider I liked..
Pickled Pig Porkers Snout.

Pop along and enjoy the real ales and ciders.
Leave comments of which Beers and ciders you liked.


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