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Friday 2 December 2011

Video - Christmas lights from Home Bargains, Waterfall Lights and Colour changing acrylic decorations.

Christmas lights from Home Bargains, Waterfall Lights and Colour changing acrylic decorations.

These are some extreamly cheap but attractive Christmas lights I bought recently from Home Bargains in Derby.

The first lights are called "Waterfall lights" I would call them Dripping Icicle tubes. These are outdoor lights. It comes with 5 plastic tubes with 14 very bright white leds in each that sequence from top to bottom to give the effect of water droplets falling. It comes with mains adaptor and lots of cable.
Product bar code : 1031 8874
These cost £1.99, seriously ! How can they do it that cheap.

The second set of lights are "Colour changing acrylic decorations". These are small battery powered items with a very bright tri-colour led in them that changes colour every few seconds. There is a small slide switch underneath to turn it on and off. Its powered from 3 little coin sells. It comes with the batteries!

These cost just 69p each !!!
There is a similar type to this in Wilkos but they are not as bright and cost £1.50

I got these Christmas Lights from the two Derby branches of Home Bargains. The large Home Bargains is on Bradshaw Way next to Matalan and the original store is on Moore Street, off Normanton Road.

aka TJ Morris

Looking at the electronics I was wondering how they have managed to drive 14 leds in sequence using the IC with just 8 legs. Must be using charlieplexing, very clever.


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