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Monday 2 April 2012

How to download Youtube 1080p HD videos as mp4 file for use with Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2+ Media Player.

I recently bought a new Media Player that copes with mp4 files at 1080p and for a couple of years I have been using a great free plug-in on Firefox that allows you to download videos directly from YouTube and thought I would share details on how to do it.
The media player is a Cyclone Micro 2+ Full HD HDMI 1080p MultiMedia Player Adaptor and it pretty much plays any video files you try with it. These things really are very cheap but amazing.
You simply copy the video files you want to watch onto a USB memory stick and the media player plays them via the HDMI connection on your TV.

In my example below I am downloading a music video from YouTube which is 6min 19sec long, the .mp4 video file it downloads is 223Mb.

Installing the Add-on into Firefox
The Add-on for the Mozila Firefox web browser is free and extreamly simple to use, I will show you how here.

How to install the free Add-on to download YouTube videos.
These screenshots are from my PC running Windows 7 64bit and Firefox v11.0.
Note this plugin still working fine now Firefox is v20.0.1

1) In Firefox goto the Tools dropdown menu and select Add-ons.

2) In the search box of the Add-ons window type in Download Youtube Videos as MP4   and search.

3) This should show a list of Add-ons, The BEST one is this one. Click Install, only takes a few seconds.
Once installed, close Firefox and rerun Firefox and goto YouTube and find a HD video.

4) Notice that now we have a new button called Download. Click it to see what quality you can download.

5) On this video it is available at 1080p as an MP4 video, Click MP4.

6) Ensure that the "Save File" option is selected so it saves it instead of playing it and click OK.

7) Wait for the file to complete downloading and you should now have a .mp4 file of your video on your hard disk.
Now you have your .mp4 video file simply copy this file onto a USB Stick and insert it into the front of your Cyclone Micro 2+ Media Player and give it a go. Plays in glorious 1080p HD via HDMI.

Note : If you don't know where your file has been saved then in Firefox goto the Tools dropdown menu and select Options, Click on the General Tab. In the Downloads section there is a bit thats says "Save files to..". On my PC I like to use C:\My Downloads  but yours may be the default if you have never changed it.

There are a few different models of media player available, The one that plays anything is the 2+

I hope someone finds this information of use.

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  1. i am using http://www.tubekeeper.com/
    so far so good, youtube / facebook / metacafe were supported