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Sunday 6 May 2012

Sony Vegas 10 Pro - Black Screen rendering problem, Solution to bug.

This post is for users of Sony Vegas pro 10.
I have found this problem a few times when using Sony Vegas Pro 10 and thought I would share how to fix the issue. The problem seen is when you render a completed project the video is black apart from your overlayed text. Yet if you click the play button to preview your project in Sony Vegas it plays your video clips ok. Not sure if this problem has been fixed in Sony Vegas Pro 11 (PC)

How to fix the black video render problem

Here is a screen grab of me fixing the problem. This is Sony Vegas Pro version 10.0c 64bit running on Windows 7. I have right clicked on the video clip and from the popup menu I have selected Switches then gone across to the sub menu and ticked "Disable Resample". This will fix the blank render issue.

How to fix the black screen render bug in Sony Vegas 10.
You will need to tick "Disable Resample" on ALL offending video clips.
If there are lots of video clips to disable then simply click the first one then hold the shift key down and click on the last clip on the same track and this will select all of the video clips. You can then right-click one any and select "Disable Resample" to perform this action on all video clips in one go.

Sony Vegas is now on version 11

I have discovered that this blank screen problem only seems to happen when you alter the frame rate of a video clip. For example if you have imported a clip which is 10 seconds long recorded at 25fps and you then hold the control key down while moving the right hand handle of the clip to the left, thus increasing the playback speed of the clip.
Its very annoying as it only shows on the render and not in the preview player window.

If you found my fix of use please comment.



  1. Thanks for your advice re:black screen with text overlay, I had exactly the same issue with Vegas Pro 9 64bit running under Windows 7. The problem is that the issue does not happen all the time and the preview doesn't show it up at all.

    My render was 60mins of full HD (blu-ray image) which took a loooong time, around 5 hours and the clips used were a mixture of Canon HF100 video (mts) and D7000 mov with titles at the start and end, it was only the end ones that produced the black screen.

    As a matter of course a lot of editors disable the resample for all of their clips as a matter of course which saves a lot of hassle I have looked at my finished film (with resample disabled) and the quality is excellent although I would say the Hf100 footage is better than the D7000 although I did not use the 180 degree rule which I have just found out about.

    Thanks again,


  2. Thanks man. This worked for me. Spent hours trying to figure it out on my own and was unable to. Much appreciated!

  3. Andy Savage - you are the best! :)
    My favourite thing is to do time lapse clips and i`m using Sony Vegas! What was my reaction when i`m cropping the video (becouse i don`t have slider to do that effect) ... So my reaction was nearly to CRY :) LOL. It`s funny now, but I was so nervous when I tryed thousands of times to fix the problem, but with NO success!
    Thanks a lot, Andy! I`m using Sony Vegas Pro 11, so the problem with 11 is fixed :)
    Best regards from Bulgaria, Ivan Popov, Bulgaria!

  4. Thank you. I found your tip very useful and it solved my problem. I will check this site also in the future.