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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Norton AntiVirus 2013 - The cheapest place to buy the latest version and other tips.

Update Nov 2013 : As per my notes below, I've just bought a 2 licence copy of NAV 2006 from ebay for £9.99, because the key has never been used its still valid for version 2014. So thats just £4.98 per computer! Beat that !

Do you use Norton Antivirus? if your Subscription Status is getting low then you will soon need to buy the latest version of this popular software. If you shop around a bit then you can save lots of money. I will show you here what you need to do to get the best deal and also some handy tips on this software.

Norton AntiVirus 2013

How many days subscription do I have left?
To see how many days subscription you have left on your current Norton product, simply single click on the little Norton Anti virus icon on the system tray (bottom right of Windows 7). A panel will pop up like the one below. If there is no icon in the system tray then double click on the "Norton AntiVirus" icon on your desktop. if there is no icon on the desktop then goto Start - All Programs - Norton AntiVirus and select Norton AntiVirus. If you can't see that either then perhaps you don't have Norton AntiVirus!

Norton Antivirus 2013 Status panel showing subscription status.
As you can see at the bottom it tells you how many days you have left before the software will stop working and you will need to renew your subscription.

When it does actually run out it will look like this :
Norton AntiVirus when your subscription has run out.

If you click on the "Renew Now" button it will take you to this screen. Click on the link "I have a key or code to enter." (below where it says Renew My Subscription).

I have a key or code to enter link.

It will then show you the screen where you can now enter your 25 character prodcut code from the paper CD envelope. Once you have done that click NEXT.

Time to enter that long key code!

If you entered the key code correctly then it will ask for your Norton Account email address then your password. the product will then be activated.

The best price for Norton AV
The worst thing you can do is to click on the "Renew" link next to where it says how many days remaining you have and buy another years subscription using Norton's own online purchasing page as you will pay well over the odds for your software.
I have just tried this option on my pc which currently has 53 days remaining to see how much it would cost for a years subscription and it says £29.99 for a years subscription renewal for 1 pc.

In previous years I have managed to but this software a lot cheaper from www.ebuyer.com by getting the OEM version (System builder) of NortonAV, but I have just found it even cheaper on.......

Argos !, yes surprisingly you can get "Norton Anti virus 2013-3 user version" for just £19.99
so thats just £6.66 for each PC. Argos order code : 675/9692. It comes in a DVD case.
Of course this is a real major saving if you have a couple of PCs and a laptop as you can protect them all in one go, compare this with if you selected the renew option on your three computers which would have cost you £89.97. Argos wins !!!

On Ebuyer it costs £13.49 + £2.98 postage (£20.47) for the 1 user version. so if you only have one pc this is not too bad or Try Amazon links below.

Norton Antivirus 2013 links :



If you only have one pc then you can sometimes get the single user version cheaper on Amazon for around £12 :

Some points worth noting about NortonAV.
Did you know that when you get your new CD of Norton Antivrus you do NOT need the cd. All you need is the Product key which is printed on a label on the paper CD envelope. It is this 25 character serial number which activates your subscription for 365 days.

If you enter a new product key before your current subscription has run out you will loose the remaining days you had left. i.e. it will not add them to the new subscription so wait until its about run out before renewing your product!

The NortonAV product key only becomes active when you use it, so there is no problem buying the product now even if you are not going to use it for many months, the keys do not run out until you use them.
Because the key never expires it means you can even buy a Norton Antivirus from 2006 and use the key off it to activate your 2013 version ! Not many people know this fact, as long as the key has never been used before it will work.

You can not use a "3 user" package on the same pc to get 3 years subscription, it has to be 3 separate PCs.

If you are currently on Norton Antivirus 2012 then you can upgrade your software for free to Norton Antivirus 2013. To do this get the information panel up (as per the screen grab above) and click on the "Support>" link (top right of panel) and then go down to "New Version Check". If your product is valid it will say you are eligible for a free upgrade. Just follow the instructions to update your product to the latest version.

If you have more than one PC that you use Norton on then the "3 user" version will generally be cheaper than buying 3 single user versions.

Hope this is of use to someone.



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