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Wednesday 3 July 2013

Derby Beer Festival App for the Derby CAMRA City Charter Summer Beer and cider Festival 2013. A great idea !

The Derby CAMRA City Charter Summer Beer and cider Festival runs from Wednesday 10th July to Sunday 14th July 2013
This year we have gone all high-tech, for the first time ever you can now download a free Derby Beer Festival App from the Apple App Store here. Yes seriously !

The free Derby Beer Festival App for iPhone.
Use the link above to download it or on your iPhone tap App Store icon and search for derby beer festival You will need an iPhone 3GS or better to run this app.
This is a first for any beer festival and what a great idea it is. This is not an app for the sake of making an app. This is actually very useful. Someone has clearly really thought about the features of this app in great detail and it shows as you will soon see.
If you're a Beerticker then I dare say you will like this app a lot, unless you are still one of those that carries a large bundle of soiled notes with you to festivals.

When you tap the Dby Beer Fest icon, the first screen you see is the Drinks screen. This lists in alphabetical order all of the Beer, Cider, Perry, Mead and Continental beers that will be at the Derby Beer and cider festival 2013.

If you tap the search icon this will present you with a screen where you can filter your drinks list.
There are some very handy options on this page. For a start you can actually get it to only list drinks that are available at this time, ie ones that are on draught right now. I guess if its run out then this fact will be updated on this screen which is rather handy if it is.

You can get it to only show ones you have tried or only show ones you have not tried yet.
The list can be organised by Brewery, Name, ABV or your rating.
Below this is a scroll wheel that allows you to only list Beer, Continental, Cider, Perry or Mead.
If you click done this will then show your selected drinks. The scroll wheel even allows sub-filtering  so for instance if you select Cider you can also select Sweet, Medium Sweet, Medium, Dry etc.
or for beers it offers 10 different sub filters such as Bitter, Pale, Strong,  Porter etc.

So back at the Drinks list you can scroll through all of your drinks that you have filtered. Tap the A-Z letters down the right to jump to that letter.
On this screen you can tap on any drink and it will then take you to a screen which tells you about that drink and useful stuff such as which bar its at "Bar : Marquee" for instance.

Now for the clever stuff, If you scroll down you can mark the drink as tried, add it to your shortlist, rate it out of 5, Add your own notes, take a photo of your drink and even share your info via email, Text or Twitter.

Viewing the my notes and photo section for Three Cats cider :

At the bottom of the app are buttons for Ale Trail - this shows a map with all of Derby's real ale pubs marked on them and your current location. If you tap one of the pins then it gives your more detail on that pub and what they are serving.

The final button at the bottom opens up a screen full of info such as opening times, chairman's welcome, Entertainment, Beer styles, Sponsors etc

It will be interesting to see how this app works in practise, if it does then I can see this being very good for those with iPhones.

Note that the Assembly Rooms will be providing free Wi-Fi throughout the venue so this app should work really well.


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