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Tuesday 17 February 2015

My videos of the 2015 Ashbourne Shrovetide Football from Tuesday 17th February.

This blog post will be updated as I edit and upload new videos from today's Ashbourne Shrovetide Football. I will announce any new videos on Twitter - www.twitter.com/AndySavage1969

My review of today.
The weather was amazing, perfect blue skies and bright sun Not a drop of rain or snow, the ground however was rather wet and muddy due to the rain we had on Monday.

This was one of the most busy games I have ever seen in the 13 years I have been going to this event. I had to park a lot further away that I have had to before due to the amount of cars.

Mobile phone data network issues at Ashbourne Shrovetide Football :(
If your a keen follower of Ashbourne Shrovetide Football then you are probably aware that this year for the first time there was to be a live video stream made available  at www.shrovetide.tv
I'm on O2 and as I walked towards the Shawcroft carpark there was only 3G, No 4G but at least it was full strength 3G signal so was able to do a few tweets as I got towards the turning up plinth.

Then at about 1:45pm I tried to tweet a panorama of the crowds and the Twitter progress bar did not move at all. I tried various things such as turning the phone fully off and on and even deleted Twitter App but then I found I could not connect to the App store to re install it. In fact I then found nothing worked that uses Data even thought it said 3G. I had to assume my iPhone6 had gone faulty. I then spoke to a few other people with smartphones on o2 and they said they had the same problem. Oh no, the one time I need to use data and o2 have let me down.
I could no longer send any Tweets or even find out anything about the current location of the ball. It was only when I started to walk back to the car, out of the Town thatnmy phone must have connected to a different GSM mast as data started working again so was able to install Twitter. I then tried the live streaming website but found that that was not working due to ee not working !!!!
Sounds like there was a serious problem with GSM in Ashbourne today.
When I got back to Derby I tried the live streams again on 50Mb Broadband but I see neither camera is working.

A goal was scored at 7.52pm goal by Up’ard Vince Brayne.

My Videos from Ashbourne Shrovetide Football:
This is a Slow Motion video (240fps) of Mick Pepper turning up the ball at Ashbourne Shrovetide Football 2015 on Tuesday 17th February. Look at all those hands waiting to grab the ball !
Was that YOUR hand it bounced off first?

Part 1 of my video collection for Tuesday's Ashbourne Shrovetide Football 2015:

Part 2 of my video collection for Tuesday's Ashbourne Shrovetide Football 2015:

Part 3 of my video collection for Tuesday's Ashbourne Shrovetide Football 2015:

Part 4 of my video collection for Tuesday's Ashbourne Shrovetide Football 2015:


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