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Wednesday 24 February 2016

Broadband speed test on Virgin Media Vivid 200 service - Video of the test.

This is my Virgin Media Vivid 200 Broadband package being tested on Speedtest and to think that 10 years ago I was happy with 300Kbps. How things have changed!

Test the speed of your broadband here :


Here is my video showing me running speedtest on my Broadband internet connection :

Or here is a link to my video : Virgin Media Broadband Vivid 200 speed check video.

Here are some helpful bits of information for you that may be of use. If your PC is a few years old then you are not going to feel the benefit of having fast broadband as the speed of the PC will actually be holding back the speed of the broadband. You need a fast processor, plenty of Ram, fast video card and most important of all you MUST have a Gigabit WLan connection.

In 1999 I wired up my home with Ethernet cable so I could access the internet and share files between different rooms. I was finding that the fastest download speed I could achieve was around 78Mbps.
I checked my Windows 10 computer had a Gigabit Lan as follows
Start - Settings - Network & Internet - Change Adapter settings and check it says Gigabit.
Example my PC says "Intel(R) 82567V-2 Gigabit Network Connection"

The next thing to check was the colour of the led on the Ethernet socket on the Virgin Media Super hub. Each Ethernet port has its own light to indicate a connection between the Super Hub and the attached device. These lights will blink when data is being transferred across the network.
A green light indicates a network connection of 1,000Mbps (Gigabit), while an amber light indicates a 100Mbps network. The hub connection to my home network was Amber which showed that even though my PC on the other end of the cable WAS capable of a Gigabit connection it was not actually connecting at that speed. I then bought some Cat 6 Ethernet cable and connected it directly to the pc using a 20M extension and that DID give me a green light on the router. This proved that the reason I was not getting a faster download speed that 78Mbps was entirely down to the old Cat5 Ethernet cable I had installed back in 1999. I had no choice but to completely rewire the entire house again using this newer spec cable. It took several hours to change all the wiring but it was worth it as I now get over 200Mbps download speed.

The fastest speed check ever was 211.75Mbps as you can see here....

Back in 2014 I was on 50Mbps
Back in 2013 I was on 20Mbps
Back in 2009 I was on 10Mbps
Back in 2007 I was on 1Mbps
Back in 2006 I was on 300Kbps
Back in 2005 I was on 150Kbps

Here is another video I made showing you what the indicator leds mean on the Virgin Media super Hub 2ac:

If you have a Super Hub 2ac Broadband Modem on Virgin Media then this video explains what the LED indicators mean.

On the rear of the Super Hub 2ac are four LAN ports, which can be used to make wired connections to computers and other devices on your network.

Each Ethernet port has TWO indicator lights, one is yellow and one is green. The colour indicates the speed of the connection that has been plugged into it.

The light will blink when data is being transferred across the network.

A green light indicates a network connection of 1,000Mbps (Gigabit) while an amber light indicates a network connection of 100Mbps.

As you can see in my video I have devices connected to all four ports, The top one is showing a GREEN led, this means that the PC that I have plugged into this port is connected at 1000Mbps (aka Gigabit). the next two ports are both showing Yellow lights this means they are only connected at 100Mbps. By the way these two devices are an old Raspberry Pi and an old Laptop.
The bottom port is again connected to a PC with a Gigabit connection so we have a GREEN led.

If you are paying for a Broadband connection faster than 70Mpbs then it is important that you are connecting your wired devices using a Gigabit connection otherwise your speed will be limited to around 78Mpbs.

For example I am on a 200Mbps Broadband connection so if I only had a yell light showing then this means I would NOT be able to get 200Mbps.Thanks


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