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Tuesday 5 January 2010

Where to go sledging in Derby and Derbyshire, Where to buy a sledge.

Here is a photograph I took at Rykneld Recreational Ground showing people on Sledges.

At the moment in Derby (6pm Tuesday) it is snowing very heavy here in Derby. Depending which weather forecast you watch, it looks like there may be more snow to come tomorrow so perhaps you may be going sledging tomorrow. I wonder which are the best places in Derby to take your sledge?

When I was a child we used to goto Rykneld Rec (off Burton Road), this has quite a good hill but with a path going across it part way down, also there are some trees at the bottom so you have to be very careful when you go down the hill.

Want to take your sledge here:
Rykneld Recreational Ground.

UPDATE : Derby Sledging Guide.

A great place to go sledging is Darley Park, I have never been sledging there but this is a large park with lots of hills of differing steepness so you can slide down the hills as fast or as slow as you like.

Want to take your sledge here:
Darley Park Fileds.

In the past I have actually seen people sledging down that hill at the far end of Sainsburys car park at Kingsway Retail park but I would not recommend trying to go down that hill as once you reach the bottom of the hill its the car park so highly likely you will hurt yourself or damage someones car.

As an Adult going sledging you have the option to drive further afield, so your not just limited to walking to local hills. I’m sure there are some great hills to go sledging on in Derbyshire. Do you know of some good places to go sledging?, if so please leave your sledging locations in a comment to this post. Give a detailed location please.
Or contact me via HERE and I will add the location to the Derby Sledging Map here.
I'm also interested in locations throughout Derbyshire too.

Where to Sledge in Derby Interactive Map:

View Best places to Sledge in Derby, the locations mapped. in a larger map

Where do you buy a sledge from these days?
I have seen them in that shop at the Cavendish Discount 2000.
Also ASDA have sledges for sale as do Halfords

If you are a bit of a DIY person then how about making your own sledge, this may be the best option as I'm sure any sledges in Derby will be selling like hot cakes.
Here are detailed instructions on how to build your own sledge.

If you have not got a sledge then a very thick sheet of plastic would always do the job, although you ended up with lots of bruises on your bottom of course.

At times like this it makes you wish you had invested some money in shares of Rock salt and Sledges.

If your a "misery guts" then perhaps the idea of going sledging is not for you then perhaps you would find this of use.
Its a Gritting Route map for Derby showing which roads the council will be gritting.

Interactive Route map for roads being gritted in Derby.

Have fun in the snow but be careful out there. Take a look at the live video feeds from the many webcams in Derby and Derbyshire here:
Snowing in Derby and Derbyshire Webcams.

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