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Sunday 4 July 2010

Pick Your Own Strawberries now at Scaddows Farm, Ticknall.

Update ! July 2011
Click me ----> Driving time-lapse video to PYO Farm.

Its that time of year again when you can go and pick your own fruit at several places around Derbyshire.
Because of the great weather over the last few weeks this has to be the best crop of Strawberries.
British Strawberries are the best by miles.

Here is a photograph of the fruit we picked in about 20 mins, over 3.5Kg of large sweet Strawberries. These cost £5.75 which includes 27p per cardboard basket.

This particular P.Y.O. farm is Scaddows Farm at Ticknall, have been there before and its not far to drive to from Derby, just head out of Derby via Chellaston on the A514 then over Swarkestone Bridge and right just after going through Stanton by bridge and follow that road until you see the Pick Your Own Strawberries signs on the left. (See my map below).
Its just an 8 minute drive from Chellaston (following the A514 all the way to the farm)

If you are using a SATNAV to get there then use the Postcode DE73 7JP and as you get near Scaddows farm you will see the PYO signs so you can't miss it.

Google Streetview of Scaddows Farm Entrance.

Once you drive through the gate you turn left and follow the path down to the car park. Park up and get a cardboard basket or plastic punnet from the owners and then walk through the gap to start picking the Strawberries. Once you have picked enough you just walk back to the people with the scales and they will weigh the baskets and tell you how much to pay.
They will also ask you to get on the scales so they can see if you have eaten any and not paid for them ! (Only joking).
My tip for getting the best Strawberries is to walk right down to the bottom corner as most people are lazy and just stay near the entrance.

The Pick Your Own fruit area is open 9.30am-7.30pm and has lots of FREE parking.
As well as Strawberries they also have Raspberries, Gooseberries and Blackcurrents that you can pick for yourself. Fruiting Season is June to late July, depending on the British weather.

View Scaddows Farm, Pick Your Own Strawberries. in a larger map

As well as the Pick Your Own area there is a Farm Shop which offers fruit and veg from South Derbyshire Growers, meat from an award winning butcher, Cheese from Leicestershire and locally made jams, chutneys, cakes and other goodies.

Farm Shop Opening times
Monday - Friday 8.30am-5.30pm (café closes 4.30pm)

Saturday 8.30am - 4.30pm (café closes 4pm)
Sunday 10am - 4pm (café closes 3.30pm)

Scaddows Farm website.

Hope you found this post of use. Go out there and get some real fresh fruit for yourself !

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