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Sunday 11 July 2010

Video : Dovedale, See the Stepping Stones like never before. Beautiful Derbyshire Peak District.

August Update blog post : Stepping Stones Heath and Safety gone mad.

Here is my latest video promoting the local area. I dare say that if you are from Derbyshire then Dovedale Stepping Stones will be somewhere that you will have visited at some time. Its a great place to visit, perfect if you are looking for somewhere to visit in Derbyshire while the weather is nice. This tranquil and beautiful place is a "must see" place.

This video came about because I actually visited Dovedale one Friday in order to take lots of Panoramic photographs, while there I took a few short video clips too. When back to Derby  I looked at the videos and wished that I had recorded more footage. My answer to this problem was some clever software called  Pano2Movie as it allowed me to create video-like pans and incorporate them into the real video footage.
The first pan starts at 0:30, the sun rays which start at 0:45 I created using the "Light Rays" effect on the timeline in Sony Vegas 9 Pro to give the illusion of the Sun through the trees.

The sequence that starts at 4:17 shows what you can do using Pano2Movie as this kind of movement would not be possible with a video camera because I am panning to the ground while standing on stepping stones that are in the middle of the river Dove!

At 4:33 I used the FOV markers in Pano2Movie to zoom in, as you can see this made a very odd effect which makes it look like we are moving in mid air.

Anyway enough of the techincal stuff sit back and enjoy my video of Dovedale. This video is best viewed in 720p HD and fullscreen.

My video of Dovedale Stepping Stones.

My original source video that was uploaded to YouTube was 474Mb and took over two hours to upload!

Map of Dovedale Stepping Stones.
If you have never visited Dovedale Stepping Stones then here is a detailed map of this area.
I have marked the exact position of Dovedale Stepping Stones along with where you park etc.

View Dovedale, Derbyshire Peak District in a larger map

If you want to take the map with you then click the link above so you have a large version you can print out.
If you zoom out a bit you will see I have even marked on useful bits on the road to the car park.

Hope you like my little video of Dovedale.


  1. breathtaking how beautiful :-)

  2. Loved the Dovedale video.
    I literally could not believe seeing the Absolutely DVD on this site.
    Only last week I was watching U-Tube clips of the shows & commenting that it should have been released as a set.
    What a small world.