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Tuesday 2 November 2010

Rare old cine film of Allenton and Osmaston in snow filmed in 1965.

I have just been given some absolutely amazing rare cine film footage of the Allenton and Osmaston areas of Derby during some snow in 1965. This was filmed by Dave Upton.
I would like to thank Dave for allowing me to share this footage with a greater audience.
I really enjoy watching old local video like this, I could watch it for hours. I find it really interesting trying to work out the locations and all the little details that have been captured.
If your not that old (like me) then you won't remember such things as Trolley buses and you probably think the "Spider bridge" at Allenton has always been there. Well here in this video you will see a different era to the one you may know.

The driving footage was filmed from an Austin 10 van
Information about the locations in this video:
0:12 Here we see a shot of Osmaston Road (I think)
0:25 The Mitre Island (Where the Spider bridge is located today)
0:35 Closer view of the Mitre Island
0:42 Nice shot of the Mitre Hotel (built in 1930). You can also see Allenton Market in the background to the left of the pub. Google Streetview relates to about 0:45 in the video.
0:47 Driving along Osmaston Road from the Mitre Island.
1:04 On the left is a post box and red phone box, The post box is still there today and the red phone box has been replaced with a modern glass one. Google Streetview of post box and Phone box.
On the right is the turning for Ascot Drive.
1:07 On the left is a Trolley Bus picking up passengers.
1:47 On the left is Abingdon Street.
1:56 On the left is Cotton Lane.
The video footage is copyright www.daveuptonphotography.co.uk

I hope you enjoy this rare footage.


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