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Friday 18 March 2011

Where to find Georges Tradition fish and chip restaurant in Chellaston Derby.

Update August 2015 - This Fish and Chip shop is closing and moving to where Andrews Fish Bar on  Swarkestone Road used to be located.

Do you like Fish and Chips? Who doesn't! A few years ago we tried a new chip shop that opened in Belper Called George's Tradition and were really impressed with the quality. Since then they have opened up several more shops and also restaurants around the East Midlands. So far have tried Belper, Long Eaton and Allestree and they are all as good as each other. Their shops are located in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire, so far they have ten open.

In May 2010 they opened a new one in Chellaston and despite several attempts to locate the shop while out and about we could not find it. The map locations on their website are flash based so would not work on my iPhone. Typing in the postcode given on the website  "DE73 5XE" into the google mapping app would show up a marker literally in the middle of the River Trent near Swarkestone! See for yourself HERE.
So I then tried searching for the full address given on the website  "Unit 5, Royal Glen Park, Derby" and that showed several markers but non anywhere near Chellaston. Had to give in.

Well a few months on after now seeing the map location on a PC I decided to help anyone else looking for this George's by creating a few things to help.
You will notice that if you view the satellite view of where this restaurant is located then it just shows grass, thats because its a new building that was built after Google captured it from above.

1) If you are viewing this on a smartphone (i.e. iPhone, HTC, Galaxy etc)  then simply tap my link below :

Accurate Drop Pin for Georges Tradition at Chellaston, Derby

And this will launch your mapping application and place a drop pin onto the map with the exact location of George's Tradition at Chellaston. You can then use this marker to get driving or walking directions from your current location.

2) Or you can find this shop by seaching in your smartphone mapping app for Rowallan way, Derby that will take you to roughly the correct location.

If you you look at Google Streetview for this shop you will notice that they are only putting in the foundations for it.
So what I did is take a 360 degree view from near it so you can see what it looks like now in March 2011.
Its just like Google Streetview, only better quality. I have marked the shop with an interactive rollover marker.

360 degree view showing the location of George's Tradition at Chellaston, Derby :
Use your mouse to click and drag the view around. (note this does not work on an iPhone)
Download Adobe Flash to display this panorama.

I have also created a high resolution version of the above (broadband needed) :
360 view of the location of George's Tradition at Chellaston Derby.

I have also made a webpage showing the two views "then and now" HERE so you can see the difference.

By the way they have a loyalty card thats worth having, The George’s Tradition Privilege Loyalty Card is pretty good as they give you 10 points for every £1 spent and each point worth 1p, in other words 10p back for every £1 you spend. So if you use their resturants from time to time then it would be mad not to bother having Loyalty Card. You can cash them in at any time to buy food from them.

I made a driving video Chellaston new estate I recorded this back in May 2008 before that corner plot was built on, in my video (at 0.57) you can see all the fencing blown down and the rocks on the pavement. This is the corner now ocupied by George's.

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