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Sunday 20 March 2011

Time Travel back 100 years to 1911 in my then and now video of Chapel Street in Spondon Derby.

Time Travel from 2011 back to 1911 in my video of Chapel Street, Spondon Derby.
This video is best viewed in Full Screen mode at 720p. to do this just click on the Full screen icon at the bottom right of the video then change the resolution from 360 or 480 to 720p

I specialise in high precision then and now photography using old post cards and photographs.
This is my first ever attempt to take this to the next stage, what I have done is use a live video clip and made that fade to the old photograph then fade back to live video again.

There were some big challenges in creating this video because normally when I make then and now photographs there is a certain amount of trimming of both old and new images
in order to make them match up. But when using video that was shot at 1280x720 pixels there was no option to trim the "now view" as it had to remain at that resolution.
I had to make sure that when I shot the "now view" that I was indside the "old view" so that only the old view needed trimming down to match.

What is "then and now" photography:
Its a truly unique way to see changes in time using two perfectly lined up images, one old & one new
they were and how they are today from exactly the same view point. Then and now, Now and then, Past and Present, Old and New, Before and After. Call it what you want, just try one and see the effect!

The view in this video:
This project features buildings on Chapel Street, Spondon, Derby, UK.
The main building that you can see in the old photograph is Co-operative Society branch no 34 listed as "Spondon Grocery and Butchery opened" which opened in 1897.
The old photograph was supplied to me back in 2006 by a Margaret Page.
At the time the photograph as taken this shop was owned by a Alfred Job Millington the Grandfather Margaret Page.

The video footage was taken on Friday 18th February 2011.

Today in 2010 the Co-operative building is the Empire Tandoori Restaurant & Takeaway Spondon (42 Chapel Street), Spondon, Derby, Derbyshire
The building to the left of it The Kingfisher Day Nursery 38 Chapel Street
To the left of that at 34 Chapel Street is Perfect Touch Tanning and Beauty Studio
To the left of that at 32 Chapel Street is Menz Room barbers Shop.
To the left of that at 26-28 Chapel Street is Burlington Travel Ltd

Notice how there is an extension added between 28 and 32 Chapel Street.

Filming Location:
The original 1911 photograph was taken from this exact point which is also where I took my HD video from:

Filmed from here.

Here is a Google Streetview roughly taken from the same place :
Google Streetview.

The music I have used in my video is Tomorrow is Another day by Mathijs Wiermans.
See the page here:
Licensed under Creative Commons.

Equipment used :
Video camera - Toshiba Camileo Pro HD camcorder (now deceased)
Photo editing - Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3
Video editing - Sony Vegas Pro 9

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