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Friday 5 August 2011

New Driving video - Derby Streets by car. Pear Tree to Costco on Pride Park.

Here is the latest video in my series of "Derby Streets by Car". I started doing these videos back in 2007 and they seem quite popular. See my first Derby Streets by car video. Filmed before such things as HD video on YouTube.
Yes I know you can use Google Streetview to see streets but thats out of date (Derby streets captured by them 3 years ago!). Also its not quite the same as seeing the places as though you were driving yourself.
Perhaps you used to live in Derby and wondered what the place looks like today well now you can see!

This video was recorded on Sunday 31st July 2011, Its recorded at 1080p HD so if you have a very fast broadband connection and a fast PC then you can view it at 720 or 1080 at full screen mode.

The drive starts on St Thomas Road in the Pear Tree area of Derby and ends at Costco which is on Pride Park.
Some points of interest (may be !)
0:02 -That yellow shop used to be Terry J Aquatics.

0:05 - The Pear Tree Inn pub on the left.
0:11 - Lister House Surgery on left.
0:22 - Former Sherwood foresters pub on right (now a Sikh temple)
0:28 - Silly Sids on left
0:43 - The Oasthouse pub, a Whitbread Table Table restaurant.
0:57 - Pear Tree Railway Station on left.
1:04 - On the right here is a large B&Q and a recently expanded Sainsburys.
2:20 - Spider Bridge Island, Also The Mitre Pub ahead
2:26 - Allenton Market, Soon to be a large Tescos!
3:11 - New Ascot Drive fire Station being built on left.
3:16 - B & M store on left
3:27 - Birds Bakery on left
3:44 - Arriva Derby bus depot on right
3:51 - Former B&Q being demolished (after many years!)
4:29 - Ahead is Pride Park Stadium, Home of Derby County (The Rams)
5:24 - Entering Costco Car park.
In costco I got two large Jacket Potatoes with two fillings for £2.50, How can they do it for that price !

The Driving video - Pear Tree to Costco Derby:

In the video you will notice I have indicated each road name as we drive around, this should help you get an idea of where things are. If not then you can also use my detail driving route map below :
Of couse its not the most straight forward route to get from A to B but I was trying to capture some roads that I have not recorded before.

Here is the driving route for this video:

View YouTube Driving route - Pear Tree to Costco on Pride Park in a larger map

The Music I've used in this video :
Night Lights by Astrum used under creative commons license
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The track - Night lights Astrum :

Hope you find my video of interest.

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