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Sunday 23 September 2012

Product Review : 1.6KW Halogen Heater with remote control. EH1425 by Prem-i-air from Amazon.

Product Review : Halogen Heater EH1425 made by Prem-i-air Limited, £24.99 from Amazon.

I recently bought a Halogen Heater from Amazon and seems like a pretty good product so thought I would review it in case anyone is thinking of buying one.

Here is the heater with all 4 heating panels turned on. This heater comes with a remote control which you can see in front of it. Having a remote control for your fire is rather snazzy !

EH1425 Halogen Heater with remote control from Amazon.
Electric heaters have certainly come on a long way over the years, you no longer have to crouch around a single bar electric fire that takes all day to heat up the room. The other types of electric heaters you can buy are fan heaters, convection heaters, oil filled radiators and finally Halogen Heaters.
Oil filled radiators are extremely slow to heat up.
Convection heaters are slow to heat up and tend to emit heat upwards only so you cant really warm yourself up in front of one.
Fan heaters are noisy and a bit harsh.

Halogen heaters are a new breed of electric heater that offer instant heat that radiates out just like a gas fire but these have the advantage of being instant as soon as its switched unlike a gas fire that needs several minutes to warm up.

This heater comes with a rather unique remote control !
This means you can turn it on and off, control the heat settings or control the timer function all without getting up.  What a really clever nice feature.
You can even alter the horizontal angle of the heater by pressing the turn button.

The remote control functions :
Off - Turns the heater off !
Turn - This turns the Oscillating function on/off. You can also use this to adjust the horizontal angle of the heater by simply pressing it and waiting until you get the angle you want then pressing it again to stop it.
Timer - This allows you to set the heater so it will switch off after a certain amount of time in 30 minute chunks.
On/Power - This button turns the heater on, pressing it again reduces the heat to the lower setting (2 panels lit)

The heater I bought is listed on Amazon as "1600 Watts Oscillating Halogen Heater With Remote Control + Timer Function"

The EH1425 Halogen Heater I bought from Amazon.co.uk :

Its sold by direct Sales.
There are several other models listed but the link above is the model I bought.

The remote does not come with batteries, it needs two AAA batteries.
The heater has a set of controls on the front located at the very bottom, This is an absolutely ridiculous place to put them as you have to put your face in the fire to operate them! But I guess it does not really matter as you are unlikely to ever use them when you have the remote control !

The heater was delivered two days after ordering it and was delivered by DPD. Direct sales send you a tracking number by email, simply type the consignment number into the parcel number field on here  www.dpd.co.uk/forms/track-my-parcel.jsp and this provides a delivery window of one hour which was very good service.

The heater is easy to assemble. In the box is the main heater body, the base, two screw locks and the remote control.
Slide the heater body out of the plastic bag and stand the heater on the floor upside down and hold it there while you slip the mains plug and lead through the hole in the base and then before mating the base to the heater rotate the base so that the cable slot lines up with the cable then press it into place. Now screw in the two screwlocks. Push the mains cable into the two cable tidy slots in the base. Now stand the heater on the floor using its base.
On the base of the heater is a safety switch that turns off the heater if its knocked over. If you have a very deep pile carpet then you may need to put something (a beer mat) on top of the carpet below this switch as this may stop the switch from operating correctly.
Fit two AAA batteries into the remote, plug the heater in and you should see the red standby led light up on the front panel.
Now press the ON/Power button and it should turn on.

I will update this review in time.


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