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Saturday 8 September 2012

Ancestry and Genealogy users. A guide to locating graves in Uttoxeter Old road cemetery, Derby, UK

Ancestry and Genealogy users. A video guide to locating graves in Uttoxeter Old road cemetery, Derby, UK.

Or click Video guide to locating graves in Uttoxeter Old road cemetery, Derby, UK.

The Old Cemetery in Uttoxeter New Road, Derby is one of the Earliest cemeteries in England, opened in March 1843. It contains thousands of graves, most are very old as you will see in my video.
If you are trying to find a gravestone as part of your ancestry search for a Family Tree then you have to be be patient as there are so many graves and being such an old cemetery, nature has really taken over here.

Please note I do not have any maps to grave locations, you must visit the Nottingham Road Cemetery office to get information, take a camera so you can copy the map. I used my iPhone to do this which is what you can see in my video.

In my video I will take you on a tour of some random gravestones and monuments. They are in no particular order. Some of the monuments are grade II listed such as the ones for John Gregory Pike, Robert Pegg and Thomas Skevington.

If you want to be able to clearly read the names on the graves in my video then its best watched at 720p/1080p fullscreen (if your system/net connection is up to it).
Click the pause button (bottom left corner of player) if you want to read it without it moving.

Tracing your family tree is a lot simpler these days than it used to be, there are so many books and guides on how to do it as well as dedicated software to create your tree on a computer :

A popular page on my Derby website is my Photographs of some graves in Uttoxeter New Road Cemetery, Derby.
Even though Its just a few photographs it gives you an idea of the range of dates in this cemetery.

Map Location for Uttoxeter New Road Cemetery, Derby :

View The Old Cemetery, Uttoxeter New Road, Derby in a larger map

Derby register office :

The cemetery contains a good collection of funerary monuments which reflect the development of Derby during the C19; some monuments were carved by Joseph Barlow Robinson (1821-83), proprietor of the Midland Sculptural & Monumental Works, who had previously worked for Pugin and Barry on the Palace of Westminster.

Laying down headstones on the ground:
You will see that some headstones in this cemetery are laying flat on the ground, this is a case of "Prevention being better than cure" and is done for safety reasons. Others however are acts of vandalism.

Some names featured in this video:
John Deodatus Gregory Pike, Father of the Baptist movement in Derby:

Andy Savage

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  1. I've driven past the cemetery a number of times over the years and always thought it merited a visit. Unfortunately [as far as I know] I have no family connection with Derby other than some of my Quaker ancestors who I believe owned some terraced property not far from the Seven Stars pub.

    The map showing the layout of the graves was certainly comprehensive and gravestones are always worth looking at.

    Interesting ...