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Thursday 14 February 2013

My Chicken slices are from Thailand. What has happened to this country?

Your going to want to read this !
Do you really know what's in your Sandwiches ? I threw my Chicken Slices away because of what I read.

Since the current Horsemeat scandal that's hit the UK I'm sure we have all been a bit more careful about what meat we are buying. I normally have Ham or Chicken slices in my cobs for dinner and having bought some Chicken Slices from Asda at the weekend I thought I would have a closer look at the ingredients.
I was amazed to see on the packet it says :

Produced in Thailand, Chicken from Thailand, packed in the U.K. for Asda stores Limited. As you can see here :

As you can see this Chicken is from Thailand, Six thousand miles away !

Oh my God, what on Earth has happened to this country that we have to import Chicken six thousand miles around the globe? I was expecting it to say Produced in Norfolk or somewhere closer to home.

Notice how the "Chicken from Thailand" text is very small and has been placed near the barcode in an attempt to make it not obvious.

Also looking in the ingredients we have some things called Di, Tri and Polyphosphates and Lactose. I'm guessing all this stuff it to stop it rotting away due to the ridiculous distance this meat has travelled around the planet.
I wonder just how long it took from the point of slaughter to the point when its available in Derby, Asda?

It makes you wonder if it really is Chicken in those slices doesn't it !
By the way these are NOT the cheap value range of Chicken slices

At what point in the past did we start using Chicken from the other side of the world? You understand that exotic fruit and vegetables have to be imported from around the world because of our cold climate but Chicken !!!
Have you checked your Ham and Chicken to see where its from ?

From now on I will be paying a bit more to get Wiltshire Crumbed Ham or maybe a proper Butchers, Do you remember them? I'm sure that because of the Horsemeat scandal there will be a major revival of traditional Butchers and also a great boom for Farm Shops.

Wafer thin Chicken slices from ASDA.

Next time I visited Asda I looked at some other meats I could have in my cobs and saw "Finely Sliced Topside of Beef". Again in the barcode area this said in tiny font "Produced in Brazil, Beef from South America".  That's five thousand miles away !

I wonder if Asda will follow Tescos commitment to source its meat from the UK?
I think all supermarkets are going to have to follow as the consumer has lost their trust.
Get your meat locally !



  1. I too have just checked the packaging of chosen by you chicken steaks and they are from Thailand. I am shocked and disgustedand will contact asda with my thoughts.

  2. The chicken is produced in Thailand and packed in the UK...All about £££ and Asda saving money.

  3. Shame on you Asda