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Friday 29 March 2013

How old is YOUR Washing Machine? Older than my Zanussi ?

How old is YOUR washing machine?
I have a Zanussi WDT1085 washing machine and its now 19 years old!
Its still working perfectly, no leaks or rust or funny noises. It gets used probably 3-4 times every week.
I have never used water softeners.

Would I recommend a Zanussi? YES ! or rather yes if you could go back in time to 1994 to buy one, I can't comment on washing machines these days as everything seems to be poor quality and designed to go faulty after a couple of years. Perhaps you own a Zanussi that was bought a bit more recently than my model and can comment.

I did not realise you can get lots of spare replacement parts for washing machines from Amazon, Not that I'm ever going to need any Zanussi parts :)

Here is the washing machine still working perfectly....

My Zanussi WDT1085 still working ok !
This was not an expensive model, its a Zanussi WDT 1085 Type P6296154, Made in Italy in 1994.
Because its a tumble dryer combo it only has a wash load capacity of 4.5Kg. I think I have only ever used the tumble dryer part of it five times. Seems better to let the sun dry clothes than pay lots of money on Electric to do it.!



  1. I also have had a WDT1085 since new, it's also been brilliant
    Phil in Yorkshire

  2. I found a Zanussi 1085 at Loscoe tip about 15 years ago and paid £5 for it. It worked perfectly when I got it home. 7 years ago I loaded it into a 20 foot container and shipped it with the rest of my possessions to the South coast of Western Australia where it is still used daily. The pump died about 3 years ago, but £5 on ebay got me a new one and my dad posted it to me. He was so impressed with my machine that he found one for £15 in the Derby Evening paper a few weeks after I got mine. I fitted new drum bearings for him last time I was in the UK. The dry cycle is very efficient, especially in winter when the mains water is colder, as the heater is a closed cycle so only switches on and off as required to heat the circulating air, not dumping several kilowatts out of the window.

  3. Update: still going strong, but just had to replace the door seal. It would have probably been OK except for someone caught the edge accidentally and took a small chunk out with a zip or something. Also had a mouse last year that ate a couple of wires, but I found those and reconnected with chocolate blocks. Long live the WDT1085!
    Phil in Yorkshire

  4. My mother's Zanussi was purchased by her in 1976 still going strong