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Thursday 7 March 2013

New Google Street Views of Derby are now LIVE. See the streets in 360 degrees.

Last year I reported that I had seen the Google Street View car capturing streets in Derby. And have been waiting for them to go live since then. Well the waiting is now over, Those street views that were captured around Derby in November are LIVE NOW for us all to look around using Google Street View.

The latest Google Street View car with distinctive blue camera dome.

Finally no more Google Street View images from way back in 2008, you can now see the streets of Derby as they were seen in October and November 2012 by the Google Car as it drove around our area.

Google Street View has recaptured Derby with new 360 degree views in Oct/Nov 2012.

Check out some of my selected Google Street Views of Derby here, These views can be rotated around using your mouse. If you would prefer to look around yourself then simply goto Google Maps and search for your street and then drag the little orange peg man from the left side and wait for the roads to turn blue (like in my photograph above) then drop him onto the street you want to look around. After a few seconds it will show you the 360 degree views that were captured late last year.

We can now see the new Derby Bus Station Riverlights complex :

View Larger Map

Friar Gate Square Office Developement :

View Larger Map

Mercian Way :

View Larger Map

Derby Royal Hospital :

View Larger Map

Jury's Inn Hotel :

View Larger Map

I have spotted a few strange bits such as :

Cathedral Green from Full Street - Click this and wait for the Streetview to show, notice how this shows the view from August 2008 but move one step forward towards the Old Silk Mill pub and suddenly the view updates to November 2012 !

I wonder if at some point you will be able to choose which google street view images to view, i.e. the old ones from 2008 or the new ones from 2012?
I dare say at some point they will allow this feature. At the moment I'm not sure how to get the 2008 views. If you look at my 360 of the new Derby Bus Station on my blog post you will see that is still showing the 2008 view !

Its worth pointing out that you need a reasonable spec PC to use Google Street View well, also broadband. If you try using streetview on a old slow PC then it can be a real pain to use.
Google Chrome seems to work best of all with it, but I guess it would do !

Hope you found this of interest.


1 comment:

  1. I noticed something similar. If you travel up Edward Street from the junction of North Parade, heading towards Duffield Road/St Helen's House, about half way along the route (near the junction with Arthur Street) the view reverts to 2008 (suddenly the old Strawberry Tree/Masons Arms pub is a derelict building with Estate Agent boards all over it) and then as you carry on it flips back to the new view. Interestingly there is a building on Arthur Street that is part of this frame, which is completely blurred out from every angle. Not sure why, but maybe that is why they've not updated the frame yet?

    I agree that in years to come, the ability to travel through Google Street View in 4 dimensions will be a briliant feature.