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Wednesday 3 April 2013

Walking through history, Tony Robinson explores the Derwent Valley in the first episode of this new TV Series.

A new Channel Four TV Series started on Saturday presented by Tony Robinson called Walking through history. In the first episode he took us on a walking tour along the Derwent Valley, where the world's industrial revolution was born.

I found this show really interesting and I'm sure you will do too, even if your not from Derbyshire. Tony Robinson is a good presenter for shows like this and I'm glad its showcasing what heritage we have in Derbyshire.

Here are some screen grabs that I did from the show :
Lance Oldham showing Tony Robinson around Caudwell's mill.
Starting his 40-mile walk through the glorious Peak District, starting in Bakewell.
Along the way he shows us around Cromford, where Richard Arkwright established the world's first ever factory, and examines the grip that Arkwright had on Cromford, including enforcing his own currency.
Cromford Mill where the water wheel used to run.

Nearby in Belper is the building that would lay the foundations for today's skyscrapers.
Belper East Mill

Tony also encounters a 900-year-old stately home that has been used to film three different Jane Eyres.
Brian Blessed introduces Tony to the joys and the huge significance of the Cromford canal.

Brian Blessed talking about the Cromford Canal.
Later Tony climbs to the heights of the Peaks, drawn by the chance to operate a huge steam winding engine that's been working in the same place since 1829.

He has a pint of beer in the Holly Bush inn at Makeney where he gets excited when he sees that Dick Turpin visited this pub !
The Hollybush inn at Makeney
 He ends his incredible journey through economic time in Derby , the railway town's secret crown jewel is the world's first engine roundhouse, built in 1839 and now restored to its former glory.
Russell Hollowood showing Tony around the Roundhouse.
Don't worry if you missed this show as you still have chance to watch it using the "on demand" service provided by Sky or Virgin Media and also online by using my link here:

Watch Walking Through History S1E1 via 4od.
You have 25 days left to view this episode online. This episode is 47 min 33 seconds long. Watching it online you will have to endure a collection of short adverts every 10 minutes or so.

It also is available using the 4OD App on the iPhone. Just tap the search icon and type walking through and it shows up top, away you go !

The great thing about this show is they have even provided walking guides that you can download and print off so you can follow in Tony's footsteps !

Download the walking guides to Episode 1 from here :

In episode 2 Tony will be walking around Dorset, this airs on Saturday 6th April.
In episode 3 Tony will be walking around Kent and east Sussex, this airs on Saturday 13th April.

4OD Apps for watching tv on demand on your smartphone :
These are free and available for Android and iPhones from here :


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  1. Thanku so much for this, i thought i had seen belper on the tv the other night but did not make a note of what show it was, googled it and found this. A great program and nice to see our industrial heritage on telly