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Friday 24 May 2013

Product review for a TeckNet iEP387 7AH USB Power Bank, I can highly recommend this product. Perfect for your iPhone, HTC, Tablets etc

Product review for a TeckNet iEP387 7000mAH USB Power Bank

The product reviewed here is from Amazon :

The product I'm reviewing here goes by many names such as USB Portable Power, Mobile Emergency Charger, Power Bank, External USB Battery, Portable Charger for Cell Phone

This is one of those things you can't do without if you have a smartphone, having used it I can highly recommend it.
In my tests it was able to fully charge my iPhone 3GS from dead to 100% 4 and a half times over a week before the power pack had discharged.
As you can see in my photograph the power bank is about the same size as my iPhone 3GS.

Do you remember the old days of mobile phones when your battery would last for a week, then the smartphone arrived and we
accepted that the battery would last for one day, maybe two if you were lucky. If your going to be away from a source of power for a while then
this can cause problems especially if you then need to use your phone in an emergency. Another problem is when you are going on a long journey and are using your smartphone
to watch movies or surf the internet for a hours as this can drain the battery quicker than normal.
Well I have the solution to your problems here.
For the past couple of years I had been using a cheap battery pack which attached to the bottom of my iPhone, this would put about 50% charge into the phone. This charger recently went faulty so
I wanted to find a better solution. After a few days of research and looking at reviews of USB battery packs I found this one, the TekNet iEP387
I decided to do my own review and tests on this to confirm that it really was as good as advertised, here are my results.

When the power pack arrived it had about 80% charge in it, I charged it up to 100% before doing my tests.
Two days later I allowed my iPhone 3GS to fully discharge to 0%
Charge 1) I connected it to the TekNet power bank and it took about 2 hours to charge my iPhone to 100%
Charge 2) Two days later I repeated this from 2% to 100% in 2 hours
Charge 3) Two days later I repeated this from 3% to 100% in 2 hours
Charge 4) Two days later I repeated this from 4%
Charge 5) Three days later I allowed the phone to get down to 5% and this time the Power Bank managed to charge it to 43% before it finally stopped charging the iPhone.

I think thats pretty good from one charge.

What do you get?
You get the iEP387 Power Bank unit
A single USB lead which is used for charging up the power pack and also for charging your device from the power pack.
8 adaptors for various phones
A velvet bag to carry it in.

As per this photograph :

119mm x 73mm x 17mm
It weighs just 185g so just a bit more than an iPhone (iPhone 4s is 140g)

On the top edge of the iEP387 you will find two USB sockets
5V @ 1A and a 5V @ 2.1A socket, in between the USB sockets is a LED torch

As per my photograph :

Charging the power pack:
On the right side of the unit you will find a micro USB socket labelled "IN", this is how you charge up the power pack.
In my tests I found that it took about 6 hours to fully charge (from fully discharged) using my standard iPhone mains charger that came with my iPhone 3GS.
Note - The manual says that you should NOT charge it from your PC USB port as it required more current than a standard PC USB port can provide.

Using the power pack
To charge up your device is simple, you simply plug in your device via its normal USB lead into one of the USB sockets on the TekNet power pack
then press the power button to activate the power pack. When you press the power button you should see the power indicator lights come on showing the current capacity left
in the pack. Your device should show that it is charging.
Note - This power pack has TWO USB sockets, this allows you to charge two devices simultaneously, which is a rather clever idea!
Also worth noting that one of the sockets is a 2.1A socket, this socket is for more power hungry devices such as tablets etc
the other USB socket is a standard 1A socket. If your just using this power pack to charge phones then use either USB socket as there is no difference.

Power Pack Activation
One thing worth noting about this power pack is that the USB sockets are dead until you activate them by pressing the power button. This is done
to save power and also for safety as it means the USB contacts do not have any power on them until you want power. Which is good if your car keys have
dropped into the socket.
The power pack will automatically turn its self off after a few seconds when you disconnect your device so you don't need to worry about turning it off.

Power indicator leds
Next to the power button are a set of 5 blue leds.

When you charge the power pack these leds indicate how charged the pack is.

Discharging (i.e. charging your devices)
The leds show the current capacity of the batteries.

This power pack has a simple (single led) built in torch which can be handy at times.
To activate the LED torch press (and keep pressed) the power button for about 3 seconds and the torch will illuminate.
Press (and keep pressed) the power button for about 3 seconds to turn it off again.
If you leave the torch on then it will stay on until the power pack runs out of power, which I imagine would take many weeks to happen.

This pack comes with a wide variety of power plug adaptors for many models of phone, tablet etc as follows:
Micro USB
HTC and Motorola
iPod, iPhone, iPad
Nokia N70
Samsung M300
Samsung P1000

You can see these adaptors in this photograph :

If none of these adaptors are suitable then just use the one that comes with your device or but a 10 in 1 kit such as :

So would I recommend this power pack?, most definitely!
Hope you found this review of use, any questions about this product let me know in the comments box.

The product reviewed here is from Amazon :

Hopefully you found my review of use, I can highly recommend this product, it does exactly what I need.
If you have any questions about this product add a comment below.

By the way if you really need even more capacity than this model, they now do a 9000mAH version which you can use to charge your Apple: iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPad 4 (Lightning Cable not Provided) / iPhone 4S 4, iPod, iPad 3, 2, 1 / HTC One, One X, One S, Sensation G14, EVO, Desire HD S Z / Samsung Galaxy S4 S3 I9300, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab / Motorola Triumph, Atrix, Droid Razr, Defy, Defy + / Nokia N9 N8 N900 N800,Lumia 800 900,920,925 / Blackberry Bold 8520 9900 9300 9360, Z10 / Google Nexus 7, Nexus 10 / Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 X8 Arc / GoPro

Here it is :


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