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Thursday 13 March 2014

Red Bull Quadcopter, 360 degree and high tech filming at Ashbourne Shrovetide Football 2014.

While I was at this years Ashbourne Shrovetide Football on Tuesday 4th March and Wednesday 5th of March I noticed some new and unusual filming going on. Perhaps you saw them too?

The first thing that was rather obvious was a quadcopter flying over the crowd, well just out of the way of the crowd.
Apparently this was being filmed for Red Bull, I took two photographs of the Quadcopter when it landed.
As you can see its being controlled by two people, one to fly the quadcopter and another operator for the camera control.
This is a nice bit of kit, must have some serious power in those 8 blades to lift that camera up, it was very stable in the air too.

I also caught the Red Bull quadcopter in flight in my video here :


Film Crew No 2
Another filming unit I saw consisted of four people. This consisted of a very fancy camera which was held aloft, a microphone boom operator, a camera operator and a support guy.
I took a few photographs of this crew.
The camera that was being help up in the air has all sorts of interesting stuff on it. As you can see the actual camera is hung below the framework. This is being controlled remotely by the woman. She has a screen shield to view the footage and a remote control to control the view that is being captured.

Film Crew No. 3
Another capturing method I saw a few of was a 360 degree camera on a pole. I saw a few of these during the game.
As you can see it consists of 6 small wide angle cameras made into the shape of a cube.
Not sure if they were capturing single shot 360 degree images or 360 degree video.

If anyone knows where I can find footage that was taken from these three filming crews let me know by posting a reply to this post.

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