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Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy 2012 from Derby. Hope you have a great year ahead.

Happy 2012 to everyone out there !

This is the very first blog post of 2012, I wonder if this is the first one from the UK at 1 minute past midnight on January 1st 2012. I'm not really in front of the computer right now, I used the "Post Scheduled at" option in Blogger and actually wrote this a few days before !
If the weather is good then at 00:00 01/01/12 I may well be next to Breedon on the Hill Church watching the amazing "new year" fireworks from across the county. If you have never been up next to this Church on new years ever you are in for a treat. You get a great view of thousands of fireworks going off all at once.

If you are new to my blog and website then take some time to look around. As well as this blog I have a photographic website and videos...
My YouTube video channel "comedyhunter" has been online since July 2006 and has quite a following of 645 subscribers so far. I have 230 videos on my channel, most of them are local videos of Derby and Derbyshire and they have had 2,362,917 views so far !! I finally became a YouTube partner in May 2011.

I started this blog in July 2009 and this has had over 43,966 visitors so far which is not too bad for a blog about Derby and Derbyshire as well as lots of random stuff.

According to SmarterStats my www.derbyphotos.co.uk website had 5,377,764 hits in the last 12 months with 752,028 page views so nice to see its still popular even though I don't seem to get enough time to update things much.

In 2011 I created two interactive route maps which are clearly extremely popular.
The first one is a map of the former Friar Gate Railway Line which has been viewed 5,371 times.
The GNR Derbyshire and Staffordshire Extension route or Derby Friar Gate Line as its often referred to locally was a "back line"that opened in 1878 and ran from Nottingham through Derby (over Friar Gate Bridge) and to Egginton where it joined the North Staffordshire Railway. This line closed in 1964.
Friar Gate Railway Line Map.
On my map I have traced the entire original route of the Friar Gate Line from its junction at Egginton all the way to Nottingham. Along the way I have marked on the locations of the all the GNR railway stations that served the Friar Gate line.     

The second map I made was of the former Derby Canal.
The Derby Canal Route Map.
This has been viewed 4,149 times.

Wishing you all a Happy new year.


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