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Tuesday 3 January 2012

Police Interceptors Series 5 - Derbyshire Police Force. Starting soon on Channel 5.

Police Interceptors Series five starts January 2012.

Rather confusingly they seem to mixed in this new Derbyshire series as part of series 4!
Series 4 - Episode 9 is in fact the first Derbyshire episode. Broadcast on Jan 16th, you can watch it HERE.

I really enjoy watching these fly on the wall documentaries following the Police, previously they have filmed forces in Essex and South Yorkshire but in this new series they are following local police from the Derbyshire Force ! So we should see some footage of Derby in this series.

The series will be broadcast over eight weeks from mid January and will feature high-speed police chases on motorways, A-roads and side streets across Derbyshire.

The Derbyshire series started on 16th January 2012. The remaining episodes will be tranmitted at 8pm on
Jan 23rd
Jan 30th
Feb 6th
Feb 13th
Feb 20th
Feb 27th
March 5th

The Policeman being filmed for this new series include PC Adam Shipley and PC Gary Wilson, who specialise in driving the unit's unmarked high-performance cars.

They are slowly releasing Police Interceptors on DVD
but as is often the case they seem to be taking their time doing this with only Series one out on DVD so far :

Don't worry if you miss an episode of the new series of police interceptors as I'm sure they will be available on the Ch5 on demand service. View some of the older episodes of Police Interceptors on Channel 5OD.

A Photograph of an ANPR Vauxhall Vectra as seen on Police Interceptors.
Bedfordshire Police, Vauxhall Vectra 3.2L Turbo ANPR Interceptor
Photograph by KC2192.

Mitsubishi Evo as seen on Police Interceptors.
Essex Police / TST Interceptor Car / TR06 / EU58 ONP
Photograph by Chris999.

Sometimes on Road Wars (Sky 1) they show footage from the Midlands area but this is the first time that a whole series of Police Interceptors has been dedicated to our area so should be good viewing.

P.S. All hail Spongebob


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