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Wednesday 25 January 2012

Amazing never before seen videos of events in Derby from the 1960s by local film maker Arthur Blood.

I was recently introduced to a local film maker by the name of Arthur Blood who has kindly given me a selection of short films that he made in the 1960s using 8m cine film. Arthur captured many local events of the time, mostly relating to the Derby Carriage and Wagon Works where he started work in 1939, at the age of 14. I would like to thank him for choosing me to showcase his collection on my Derby videos channel so that people can enjoy them.
I'm sure there will be something of interest to anyone from Derby, if you work at Bombardier today then you may well recognise some of the buildings.

Please feel free to link to any of the old videos from Facebook etc. We need people to see these films.

Film 1 of 7 : Derby Carriage and Wagon Works Annual show 1960 (rare cine film footage of Derby)
In this film you can see some footage around Derby town centre filmed on Saturday August 20th 1960.
00:48 Prepairing the car outside Allsop Garage (Brailsford) on Bold Lane. In Jan 2012 this area is cleared of former Prince's supermarket.
01:07 The Wardwick Melias ltd, later this shop became Golden Gains, in Jan 2012 this is nono8 bar.
01:13 The Ice Factory, today this is occupied by the cock-pitt car park.
01:18 St James Street.
01:23 Corn Market
01:27 St Peters Street
01:34 ??
01:44 Full Street. Derby Power Station in the background
01:48 Council House
01:57 driving towards Cock Pitt Hill
02:00 Derby Carriage and Wagon Works

Film 2 of 7 : Derbys 2nd annual traction engine rally at Municipal Sports ground 1967 (rare cine film footage)

Film 3 of 7 : Derby Carriage and Wagon Works visit by Barbara Castle (transport Minister) rare cine film footage from 1967

These short films were captured using 8mm cine film which has been converted. I wonder how much more rare footage is out there collecting dust in peoples attics?

Film 4 of 7 : Derby Carriage and Wagon Works Annual show 1969 (very rare cine film footage)

Film 5 of 7 : Talisman Carriages made at Derby Carriage and Wagon Works in 1964 (rare cine film footage)

Film 6 of 7 : Derby Carriage and Wagon Works bowls match 1967 (rare cine film footage) 1967

Film 7 of 7 : Derby Carriage and Wagon Works bowls match 1965 (rare cine film footage)

Please note that although I have rendered this video at 1080p the original source footage is certainly not HD quality. It was originally shot on 8mm Cine Film, I have gone to great lengths to clean up the footage to reveal as much as possible from the source film.


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