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Wednesday 1 February 2012

Video : Derby Hippodrome Theatre "Rescue Me", What will become of this treasure ?

I created the original "Hippodrome then and now" photograph back in 2003 see it here.
I decided that it would be a good idea to remake this then and now as the Derby Hippodrome building has suffered quite a bit in recent years and I thought it would be good to do make a video too.
Below is the video I have created.
I have rendered it at 1080p HD so please view in fullscreen mode by clicking the Full screen icon in the bottom right corner of the player window. My then and nows look amazing on a large HD TV.

Feel free to use this video on Facebook, Twitter etc.

My video : Derby Hippodrome Theatre "Rescue Me".

I hope you enjoy my video, please rate and comment.

Views of this building :
Birds Eye view on Bing Maps - Derby Hippodrome. In this you can see the extent of the damage caused by the "roof repairs" in March 2008.

Google Streetview - Derby Hippodrome. Google captured this area at the time the roof was being repaired!

An online survey has now been launched to gather residents' views on the future of the building and it raises questions about the overall theatre provision in Derby.

Derby Hippodrome Restoration Trust is a building preservation trust that operates in Derby with the purpose of preserving buildings of particular beauty, historical, architectural or constructional interest in or around Derby, in particular the building known as the Hippodrome Theatre, Derby.

Derby Hippodrome was built in 1914 as a purpose built 2,300 seat theatre for the city. Over the ensuing years it has played a key part in Derby’s entertainment and cultural provision, being a variety theatre, cinema, and in more recent years a bingo hall. When the building closed in 2007 it was purchased by a London developer and has been standing empty since that time.

The building suffered extensive damage when the owner attempted to repair the roof of the auditorium in March 2008, demolishing the auditorium roof and part of one main wall as well as a substantial part of the stage house. Further damage has subsequently occurred to the interior of the building through two fires.

There was also another fire on November 26th 2011 which casued even more damage. Read HERE.

Latham Architects and PHT Consultants have been engaged by the DHRT to compile an independent “Options Appraisal” report to help decide the future of this building. Consultation is an important part of this work and we would like to hear your views.
We would be grateful therefore if you could spare a few moments to complete the questionnaire survey by clicking on the link below :

The future of Derby Hippodrome Theatre. <-- Click the link to fill in the survey.

The above survey is conducted on the SurveyMonkey website.

Please note your survey responses should be received no later than 1st February 2012



  1. I enjoyed your video very much. Sad to see such shameless vandalism.I feel your film should be uploaded to You Tube.The only thing I might have done differently would have been to have included a commentary and altered the music. The piano is alright but the vocal ties the film too closely to the present day and with a building this old you might find a classical piece conveys the mood more.Oddly enough I would have chosen one of the Planets, Gustaf Holst, I think one of the sadder ones.

    1. Hi ???,
      Glad you liked my video. My film IS uploaded to YouTube, that is what you have just viewed it on! The music is "Rescue me" which is what needs doing rather than going for a sad song, there is actually hope for this building.