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Saturday 5 January 2013

Old Video of Derby Buses from 1991, Amazing nostalgic view into public transport in Derby before pedestrianisation.

Here is an old video of Derby Buses from 1991, Amazing nostalgic view into public transport in Derby before pedestrianisation. I originally uploaded this video back in 2008 when YouTube was low resolution (240p) so decided to re-render the video at higher resolution. The original video had been viewed over 22,300 times since I uploaded it. (Note there is no sound on this video.)

This is a ten minute video of Buses around Derby City Centre was filmed in 1991.
I would like to thank Vanessa Robshaw for passing on the footage to share with the world. We all take these things for granted at the time but here we are privileged to be able to see a Nostalgic window on Derby.

Its odd, when you say 1991 it does not sound that long ago does it?, seems like just a few years ago as I can clearly remember it well, but then you work it out its actually 22 years ago!
My God that's amazing and somewhat worrying, I guess it depends how old you are as to how long ago 1991 feels to you.

What a Nostalgic trip this is, Before such things as Westfield and the Quad.

The footage here allows us to see a rare glimpse into the public transport that we all took for granted when we used it back then. As you probably know most of the bus services in Derby today are run and Arriva and Trent Barton.
In this video you can see a wide variety of bus operators.

Here is my video :

The video is mainly about the Buses, I'm sure there are Bus Spotters out there that will be able to reel-off the details about the many buses featured and if there are then feel free to post the details in the comments for those who are interested in such things.

My own personal interest in this video is the locations and how much they have changed.
The most significant change is the pedestrianisation of most of the roads where these buses can be seen navigating. It looks really chaotic and dangerous seeing bus after bus going down St Peters street (See video at 01:01 to see what I mean). You don't know you're born with today's pedestrian only areas!

Do you remember the "Blue and white" Derby taxis?, well you will see several of them in this video!
oh and look out for the dreadful haircuts, fashions and cars of the day.

Points of interest...
00:21 Corn Market from bottom of St Peters Street. The number 34 Bus to Blagreaves Lane waiting outside H. Samuels
00:49 Albert Street from bottom of St Peters Street.
01:01 St Peters Street looking towards East Street.
01:12 Corn Market near St James Street
01:33 Victoria Street
01:43 Corn Market
02:06 Albert Street
02:11 St Peters Street near M&S
02:22 Albert Street
02:39 Corn Market
03:19 St Peters Street
05:46 A Blue and White Taxi reversing
05:53 Look at that old red car! Isn't that a Maestro?
09:16 St James Street Corn Market end

Please rate and comment on this video if it stirs any memories. I'm sure it will do for some of you.
Even better still is if you spot YOURSELF in the video, you never know someone out there may recognise themselves!
For instance are you the lady at 08:46 seeing yourself 22 years in the past?

Hope you enjoy it.

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