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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Cider Festival at JD Wetherspoon pubs - Babington Arms and the Standing Order Derby. 10th to 28th July 2013

The Summer Cider Festival at the Babington Arms and the Standing Order in Derby runs from Wednesday 10th to Sunday 28th July 2013. And all JD Wetherspoon pubs across the UK !

This dedicated Cider festival just happens to start on the very same day as Derby's CAMRA summer Beer Festival.
The JD Wetherspoon Cider Festival 2013

They have 16 different ciders to taste this year as follows

1. Fiery Fox
6.5% ABV – Glamorgan – Gwynt y Ddraig
Golden medium cider, with a refreshing apple aroma and a smooth,
balanced flavour, with a fresh, crisp sharpness.

2. Haymaker
6.5% ABV – Glamorgan – Gwynt y Ddraig
A fruity medium cider, bursting with the flavour of apples – a true
farmhouse cider, with a smooth finish.

3. Welsh Gold Perry
6.0% ABV – Glamorgan – Gwynt y Ddraig
Traditional medium perry – rich and fruity, bursting with flavour.
2011 Welsh Cider & Perry Championship gold medal winner

4. Scrummage
6.5% ABV – Leicestershire – Bottle Kicking Cider Co
A medium cider, Scrummage truly represents the East of England apple varieties
– light and crisp, with Bramley bursting through with every mouthful.

5. Shaky Bridge
6.0% ABV – Devon – Sandford Orchards
This is a clear, natural, full-bodied, bittersweet cider. Crisp, with a long,
dry apple finish.

6. Bramble Saison
5.3% ABV – Devon – Sandford Orchards
This is an indulgent, off-dry, bittersweet cider, with the rich berry notes
from the blackberries giving a sweet, tart finish.

7. Strawberry Cider
4.0% ABV – Hampshire – Mr Whitehead’s
Fresh strawberry juice is added to the cider, giving this special cider a light pink
hue, with a medium to sweet taste.

8. Field Farm Perry
7.0% ABV – Hampshire – Mr Whitehead’s
This is an exclusive perry for the Wetherspoon cider festival, stronger, but quite
dry… the taste is refreshing and the strength creeps up on you.

9. Cornish Orchards Pear Cider
5.0% ABV – Cornwall – Cornish Orchards
A refreshing, medium-dry cider in the style of traditional perry and a crisp,
fresh apple finish. Created with beautiful English Conference pears.

10. Cornish Orchards Farmhouse Cider
4.8% ABV – Cornwall – Cornish Orchards
This scrumptious still cider is rich in fruity aromas and ripe apple flavour.
The autumnal windfall apples are our inspiration for this delicious, mellow
cider. Light honey in colour, with a mellow flavour which leaves the palate
clean and refreshed.

11. Rosie’s Pig
4.8% ABV – Herefordshire – Westons
Rosie’s Pig is a traditional cloudy cider, with lots of matured character.
It’s very refreshing and clean – the perfect sunny-day drink.

12. Cheddar Valley
6.0% ABV – Somerset – Thatchers
We’re bringing Cheddar Valley to the festival. This is a 6.0% ABV traditional
Somerset cider. It’s naturally cloudy and matured in our oak vats to create
a distinctive and robust flavour.

13. Somerset Draught Cider
5.5% ABV – Somerset – RJ Sheppy & Son
Blended from dessert apples and traditional cider fruit to create
a delicious fresh-tasting cider, with a light sparkle.

14. Tempted? Summer Sweet Irish Craft
5.4% ABV – Northern Ireland – Cornish Tempted Irish Cider
This is a full-bodied cider, with a smooth finish, sweetened with
a generous measure of our pure apple juice.

15. Orchard Pig Philosopher
6.0% ABV – Somerset – Orchard Pig/Shepton Mallet Cider Mill
A refreshing mix of tingly citrus sharpness and intense apple character,
delivering a well-balanced, traditional Somerset cider.

16. Waddlegoose Lane Cyder
5.8% ABV – Suffolk – Aspall
Named after one of the lanes leading from the village of Debenham to the
Aspall site, this is a medium-dry cyder, with a clean, light, appley aroma and floral
overtones. The palate is initially slightly sweet, with a tangy dry finish.

Other Ciders available at Weatherspoons pubs during the Cider Festival :
Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime
4.0% ABV 500ml Bottl e
Kopparberg Pear or Summer Fruits
4.5% ABV 500ml Bottl e
Magners 4.5% ABV 568ml Bottle
Stowford Press 4.5% ABV Pint or Thatchers Gold 4.8% ABV Pint
Strongbow 4.5% ABV Pint
Brothers Cider – Strawberry 4.0% ABV 500ml Bottle and Toffee Apple 4.0% ABV 500ml Bottle
Black Dragon 7.2% ABV
Old Rosie 7.3% ABV
Wyld Wood Organic Cider 6.0% ABV
Marcle Hill 5.0% ABV
Henry Westons Country Perry 4.5% ABV
Cider Twist Raspberry 4.0% ABV
Cornish Orchards – Vintage 7.2% ABV
Devon Scrumpy 6.0% ABV
Cheddar Valley 6.0% ABV
Welsh Gold Perry 6.0% ABV
Pear-Shaped 7.0% ABV
Strawberry cider 4.0% ABV


Want more info on these Derby pubs ?...
The Babington Arms, Derby.
The Standing Order, Derby.

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This Cider Festival will take place at all JD Wetherspoon pubs not just the Derby pubs.
If you are a fan of real ciders and live in Derby then its worth paying a visit to the New Zealand Arms pub as they have a dedicated cider bar!


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