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Thursday 11 March 2010

Secret Millionaire helps out three very deserving carers in Derby, Watch the show now.

On Monday 8th March 2010 Channel 4 showed the latest program in the current series of Secret Millionaire, In this program Wealthy entrepreneur Paul Ragan decided to come to Derby to help three carers, Paul cared for his mother, who suffered from schizophrenia, from the age of five until 10.
The people he helped were Lewis Mighty, Maria Hanson and Sophie Walker.

On the day he left Derby he handed over £50,000 to the Lewis Mighty Fund, £10,000 to Maria Hanson, who runs the charity MeandDee and £5,000 to the Walker family.

If you missed this show and would love to see it then you have a few choices :
Update (April 2012) : Its now on YouTube in full  HERE.
1) If you have Cable TV then you can use the "On demand" service.
2) If you live in the UK then you can watch the whole program on the Channel 4 OD website by visiting here: The Secret Millonaire in Derby.
Simly click the Play button and watch the brief (10-20 second) adverts and then it will play the program, you can even watch it fullscreen like a TV. You have until Wednesday 8th April to view the program online.
3) If you live outside the UK then I dare say you can download it from UKnova, TheBox or TBP.

Some locations (Google Street View) featured in this episode of Secret millionaire..
The flat where Paul Stayed in Wilmorton

Citynet where Paul surfed for Derby Carers

Shop where Paul looked for Stewing Steak.

Portland Hotel where Paul had a drink.

Bubbles Launderette.

The Car wash event at Ticknall.

The Kingsway Pub, Mackworth.

If YOU would like to help out the three people featured then find out more information using the following websites :

The Lewis Mighty Fund

Lewis Mighty Fund on Facebook

Me&Dee, Who raise funds to offer treats to create special moments and memories where time is precious.

Huntington's Disease Association - UK registered charity


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