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Wednesday 4 July 2012

Cider Festival at Babington Arms and the Standing Order Derby. 11th to 29th July 2012.

The Summer Cider Festival at the Babington Arms and the Standing Order Derby runs from 11th to 29th July 2012. Last year they had some great Ciders to try so hope this year is as good.
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This dedicated Cider festival just happens to start on the very same day as Derby's CAMRA summer Beer Festival.
JD Wetherspoons Summer Cider Festival 11th to 29th July 2012.

Last year they had 11 ciders to try, in 2012 they have 16 different ciders to taste!
Cider Festival 2012. Click to view full size.

The 2012 Ciders are :
Blackcurreant Twist
Ginder Cider
Plum cider
Sheppy's Raspberry cider
Strawby cider
Farmhouse Scrumpy
The last straw
Devon Scrumpy
Sheppy's farmhouse cider
Thatchers Cheddar Valley
Thatchers Somerset Perry
Welsh Gold Perry
Fiery Fox
Sundown Cider
Vintage Cider


Here is a list of some that were on draught in 2011 :

Westons Cider Raspberry Twist
Sheppy’s Farmhouse Draught
Strawberry Cider
Festival Special Perry
Devon Scrumpy
Addlestones Cloudy
Thatchers Traditional
Healey’s Texan-Style Cornish Hard Cyder
Broadoak Perry
Mont St Michel Cider
Bulmers Crisp Blend

Want more info on these Derby pubs ?...
The Babington Arms, Derby.
The Standing Order, Derby.

This Cider Festival will take place at all JD Wetherspoons pubs not just the Derby pubs.


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