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Sunday 5 August 2012

Flashback to the 80s Concert on Saturday 18th August 2012 at Clumber Park.

On Saturday 18th August 2012 the Flashback to the 80s Concert will take place at Clumber Park.
A view of last years 80's Flashback Festival at Clumber Park.

If you love music from the 1980's and live in the East Midlands then this is THE festival for you.
The acts for this years festival are :

Marc Almond
Belinda Carlisle
Go West
The Christians

Lets hope the weather is not too bad for this as this is an outdoor event!
Looking at this stage the weather is looked very good, see weather for Chesterfield (the nearest place to the gig) - Weather for the 80's flashback festival.

If you do go to this I suggest you make your chairs stand out from the crowd as the main problem is finding where you are sat if you go to the toilet as there are so many people here.
There are food stalls around the venue but you can also take in food and a picknik.

Looking forward to seeing Go West again, Saw them in Sheffield in December, See here.

Last year I made a  video of the car journey there from Derby and you can also see brief clips of the 2011 acts and firework display :
My video - Time-lapse car journey to the Clumber Park 80s Flashback Festival August 2011 and Fireworks show.

Small bits of the 2011 Acts in my video.

Google Streetview just happened to capture the 80's flashback festival sign when it visited Clumber Park in 2009 as you can see HERE.

Facebook page for 80's flashback concert.

For latest information on the 80's Flashback festival see their Twitter feed :

Map location for the 80's festival.

Here is a photograph I took at last years festival of The Human League on stage.

See you there!



  1. I didnt know this concert took place so glad you did this blog about it as I managed to get tickets for it. were are really lookin forward to seeing Belinda Carlisle and the The Christians, will take me right back in time.

    Cheers Sarah and freinds.

  2. Every year they do one. We wewnt last year (Level 42 were great), and this year. OMD- wow, what a night, non stop dancing. Will be going next year too.. bring it on.

    Leeds, UK