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Saturday 25 August 2012

Video - A drive around the former Derby County Ground "The BBG" (D.C.F.C.) Now a housing estate.

This is a special edition of my Derby streets by car in HD series. This is a  real-time drive around the former Baseball Ground  (D.C.F.C.) land that is now a housing estate. I took this video on 23rd and 24th of August 2012. This estate is not on Google maps or Google Streetview so doubt many people will have seen this new estate.

My video :

Or click this link :
A drive around the former Derby County Ground site "The BBG" (DCFC) Now a housing estate! Aug 2012

One thing that may not come across in my video is the diabolical road surface, I've never seen such a terrible road, you need a 4x4 to use these roads and they have been in this state for a couple of years. Must be a pain for those people living here!

Points of interest
0:00 Aerial view of the former BBG back in 1997
0:12 Cambridge Street heading towards the former Baseball Ground.
0:36 Ahead you can see the location of the commemorative sculpture designed by artist Denis O'Connor.
0:40 Left here if you want Shaftesbury sports centre.
0:43 Right onto Shaftesbury Crescent North.
0:49 Left onto Baseball Drive
1:12 Right, Baseball Drive continues.
1:31 On the right is Keepers Green
1:54 These blocks stop you from driving onto Harrington Street ahead.
1:56 Right onto Vulcan Street.
2:10 Left onto Shaftesbury Crescent
2:31 180 degree turn and back in the other direction.
2:32 Shaftesbury Crescent towards the former BBG
2:46 right into Vulcan Street
3:00 Left into Baseball Drive
3:07 On left is Keepers Green
3:37 Woman with a deathwish !
3:45 Colombo Street
3:51 Right here for Rachel's Flying Sausage mobile takeaway !
3:52 The away fans would have walked this way.
3:56 X4 speed all the way to Osmaston Road.
4:10 Views of the Baseball ground commemorative sculpture (see below for more details)

Strata Euphoria, Prospect park :
This 149 house estate consists of designer 2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments. This estate is known as Euphoria, Prospect park, Derby. The streets have been given suitable names in keeping with the history of the location such as Baseball Drive and Keepers Green.

How do I get to Strata Euphoria, Prospect park, Derby?
As you can see in my video there are just three access roads onto this new housing estate. If your not from Derby then I think the best way is via Osmaston Road (A514) turn onto Shaftesbury Street and follow it around the bend until you see Colombo Street on your right (just before Leys Mess Hall). Carry on driving in a straight line and you will reach Baseball Drive where you can get to all of the new streets from this point.
The other two access roads are Shaftesbury Crescent off Holcome Street and Cambridge Street off Dairyhouse Road.

Baseball ground commemorative sculpture :
The 15-foot high metalwork, featuring three footballers dribbling, shooting and tackling, was officially revealed at the Normanton site on 10th September 2010 by ex-Ram Roger Davies and designed by artist Denis O'Connor. Commissioned by developers Spirita and Strata, which built the 149-house estate on the former ground.

I have a special section on my website of photographs from the BBG :

Hope you found this of interest.


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