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Friday 3 August 2012

Undercover boss in Derby at the Francesco Group Hairdressers.

If you have never seen Undercover boss UK before then I highly recommend it, very interesting to see how large companies seem to loose control of whats going on at grass roots level.

In the latest episode of Undercover boss two weeks ago on 23rd July 2012 (Series 4, Episode 4) , the company in question was The Francesco Group Hairdressers.
The second place she visited in this show was the Hairdressers on Victoria Street, Derby. Francesco Group Hairdresser is located at 32 Victoria Street, upstairs from Savers as you will see in the episode.

Jacqui McIntosh asking a local lady is she knows where Francesco Hairdressers is in Derby.

Ben at the Derby salon.

Former celebrity hairdresser Jacqui McIntosh, now a senior manager of The Francesco Group, is on a mission to find out why the company's profits are down. Even in recession, the health and beauty market is buoyant. But if Francesco want to expand and take on the major players, Jacqui needs to go undercover to find out where things are going wrong. But she's left reeling when she's turned away by staff who don't feel trained to wash and dry Afro-Caribbean hair.
She also unearths empty salons, complacent stylists, ageing franchisees and an older clientele, and meets a desperate owner dealing with visits from debt collectors.
It's not all bad though, as she's inspired by a young, visionary stylist, and moved by a franchisee passionate about his NHS work crafting wigs for patients.

By the time she returns to Head Office Jacqui knows there's a lot of work needed if Francesco Group is to take on the industry leaders.

Looking online now its not yet avalable on 4OD yet but perhaps it will be soon.
There is only a clip available at the moment :

It was available on Virgin on demand last week but see its gone now!


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  1. I'm sure the Anne Summers in Derby is also shown in the episode regarding that store, even if only briefly