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Sunday 7 October 2012

My review of the 38th annual Steel City Beer and Cider Festival, Sheffield.

This years Sheffield Beer Festival (38th annual Steel City Beer and Cider Festival) finished on Saturday night. This beer festival was located at Ponds Forge sports centre in Sheffield, this was quite east to find as its a large modern building near the City Centre. The Supertram runs down the side of it and its just down't road from railway station.
I did not go every session as we were at an Ultravox gig on Thursday night and a Dara o'briain gig on Friday night at the City Hall.

This is the first time we have seen the beer token method of payment. You swap your cash for £1 or 10p tokens at the cash desk on entry you can then pay for everything with these. You get your change in 10p tokens. This makes it better for the staff as there is no money to deal with.

The festival took place in the massive "International sports hall". The main beer bar ran down the middle and was double sided as you can see. The cider bar was in the corner near the CAMRA membership desk.
In the other corner was the funny T-shirt stand (like you always get at beer festivals) and a tombola. Next to this was the food area.
Down the other side was the stage for live bands, a pub games stand and the Beef Curtains stall selling beef jerky products. There were plenty of seats and tables for people which was a nice change.
The barmaid at the Cider bar said that all of the ciders she had ordered had been delivered and were all on ready to try.

The most unique drink ever tasted was the Gwatkins Squeal Pig Perry, this was actually sour ! but really nice, never tasted a perry like this ever.

 A panoramic photograph (taken with my iPhone) of the beer festival on Saturday night.
Panorama of the beer festival on Saturday night about 9pm

Two ciders in this years festival glasses :
A Gwatkins Squeal Pig Perry and a Broadoaks Premium Perry.

 There were quite a lot of beers on at this festival, this is just one side of the bar.
The beer kegs at about 2pm on Friday.

 The Beef Curtains were attracting a lot of attention :
The famous Beef Curtains stall.

This beer festival uses beer tokens like this :
Beer Tokens.

 A close up view of the Beef Curtains sign :
A close up of the Beef Curtains sign!

Free Wi-Fi was available throughout this venue, just connect your device to the open connection "Sports Hall".

Were you there?
What did you think to this years beer festival?


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