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Thursday 25 October 2012

Video of a large Piggin' Collection. The cute ornaments created by artist David Corbridge.

Here is a video of a large Piggin' Collection. The cute ornaments created by artist David Corbridge.
If you are into collecting ornamants then I dare say at some point you will have seen these resin cast ornaments as they have been in production since 1993 and were produced by Collectible World Studios until 2006 when Xystos took over the range. You can get all the latest Piggin's as well as some from previous years from Amazon :

In my video I have photographed all of the current collection.
Do YOU have all of these Piggin's?
Which ones do you like best?

My Piggin' Video :

Best viewed in fullscreen 720p/1080p.
Can you work out the names of each and every Piggin' featured in my Piggin' Video ?

If you think you know then have a look at the answers on my Piggin's webpage.

The Piggin figures you see in my video are (not in this sequence!) :
Birthday Delights, Hammy Horror, I Need A Piggin Hug, New Beginnings, Piggin Alarm - Millennium Special 1999/2000, Piggin Animal Hospital, Piggin Anniversary Special- Piggin Paralytic, Piggin Birthday Kisses, Piggin Birthday Suit, Piggin Bluetooth, Piggin Chav, Piggin Cheeky Monkey, Piggin Childish, Piggin Childish, Piggin Computers, Piggin Creative, Piggin Cuddles,  Piggin Cuddly Toy, Piggin Decorating, Piggin Diamond Geezer, Piggin Football, Piggin Gorgeous, Piggin Greedy, Piggin Hand In Hand, Piggin Happy Birthday, Piggin High Flyer, Piggin Hole In One, Piggin Holidays, Piggin Homesick, Piggin Housework, Piggin I Love You, Piggin Kiss me, Piggin Little Monsters, Piggin Many Happy Returns, Piggin Merry Christmas, Piggin News, Piggin' Off Your Rocker, Piggin Over The Hill, Piggin pants, Piggin Pest, Piggin Phobia, Piggin Pickled, Piggin Pies For Santa, Piggin Plastered, Piggin Poo, Piggin Poorly, Piggin Presents Brooch, Piggin Relax,  Piggin Romantic, Piggin Romantic, Piggin Sexy, Piggin Sleepless Nights, Piggin Special, Piggin Stocking Filler, Piggin Stress, Piggin Stuffed, Piggin Swearing, Piggin Sweetie, Piggin Tantrum, Piggin Telly Addict, Piggin Tired, Piggin Together, Piggin Top Banana, Piggin Tosser, Piggin Trouble, Piggin txt Maniac, Piggin With Love, Pucker Up It's Piggin Christmas, This Piggin Heart's For You, Piggin Tickled Pink, Piggin Wrapped For You, You Did It, Piggin Exams, Piggin Lottery, Piggin Weather, Piggin Bills, Pigin Pick Of The Bunch.

My Piggin' guide to collecting Piggins.


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