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Wednesday 18 September 2013

Video - Derby streets by car in HD. New Zealand area from Mercian Way. September 2013.

Here is a recent driving video in my Derby Streets by car series. In this video we start on Mercian Way (Derby inner ring road) and travel via Great Northern Road, Uttoxeter Old Road and through to the New Zealand Area of Derby.

Enjoy the drive :

Points of interest
00:00 We start on Mercian Way which is a newish road in Derby, it was the final section of the inner ring road.
00:11 on the right ahead is a newly built building for Bosnia & Herzegovina Community Association at 99 Curzon Street.
0:14 Dead ahead is the former Bonded Goods Depot. This is a grade II listed building built by Kirk and Ranndell of Sleaford in 1877-1878 for Friar Gate station goods yard. Currently awaiting redevelopment.
00:32 Merican Way roundabout (inner ring road)
00:37 Left onto Uttoxeter New Road
00:43 Right onto Great Northern Road
00:50 Up on the right side is the former Electricity Board
01:52 ahead is Parcel Terrace
01:53 right onto Uttoxeter Old Road
02:07 Up and over the former Friar Gate railway line.
02:27 On the right is a high wall which surrounds Vernon Gate (former Greyhound stadium/county gaol Prison)
02:30 Left up Stepping Lane
03:10 on left is the Lonny Wilsoncroft Community Centre
03:19 Left onto Campion Street
03:20 on left is New Zealand Charity shop
03:23 Right onto Stanley Street
03:37 on right is Langley Street (at the bottom of which is the New Zealand Arms pub)
04:01 Morley Street
04:06 on left is a Sainsbury's Local shop
04:22 left onto Napier Street
04:32 Left onto Mackenzie Street
04:43 Right onto Lyttelton Street
05:15 if you go right here it takes you onto the A38 Kingsway southbound.
05:17 left Lyttelton Street continues
05:27 Ahead is the A38 flyover bridge
05:30 Mackworth Estate is ahead.

Complete driving route map :

Music Credits :
Kazmo - Glazia [NG Edit]

Andy's Driving videos around Derby, Derbyshire, UK :
Are you an ex-pat of Derby, feeling homesick? Or perhaps you just want a clear way of giving someone directions to a location in Derby or just want to show people your Derby Street. Well in this video and the many others I have made, you will be able to take a virtual drive around the city of Derby's streets as though you were in the driving seat. I use a dash-mounted camera, Traffic lights and heavy traffic have been edited out.

Best watched at 720p/1080p fullscreen (if your system/net connection is up to it).

Why not start with the original video and watch them all one by one...

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