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Wednesday 18 November 2009

SmackTalk, One of the funniest Iphone Apps ever.

If you have an iPhone (or iTouch with headset mic) then this is one of those apps that you MUST have right NOW.

SmackTalk allows you to select one of several interactive characters that listen for a noise that rises above the background noise, like the sound of your voice. When it hears that a loud noise it starts recording. When it hears that you have stopped talking it stops recording and starts playing back the recording, only squeakier. The character moves about as though IT were talking. Of course once you hear it play back your voice in a funny squeaky manner it makes you laugh which then triggers off the recording again and once you stop laughing it plays your laugh back too!
There are also a few preset sounds at the bottom of the screen thay play when you touch them such as a Burp and a fart.

This app will have you in tears, so funny to see it.
This app costs just 59p

In your App store search for smacktalk

Let me know what you think of this app. If you don't find it funny at all then there is something wrong with you.

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