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Wednesday 18 May 2016

My 360 degree media St Chad's Water, Church Wilne near Draycott

I thought I would share my latest media. I visited St Chad's Water at Church Wilne near Draycott and captured the area using 360 photography and interactive video.

The video you see below is filmed in full 360 degrees, YOU control the view by dragging the viewpoint around with the mouse.

** Note if you want to view the video on smartphone then you need to view it using the link below the video and select to open it in your Youtube App.

My interactive 360 degree video taken at St chad's Water,Church Wilne, near Draycott, Derbyshire :

Smartphone link to the video.
Or click this link : St Chad's Water interactive 360 degree video. to watch in your Youtube App on a Smartphone. When asked by your phone, select Open in "YouTube" - Open and you will now be able to view my video as Virtual Reality by simply moving your physically around to view in that direction !

My 360 degree photographs from St chad's Water, Church Wilne :

Hope you enjoy my interactive views of the place.


Wednesday 11 May 2016

The Brunswick Cider & Sausage Festival will take place from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th May. 40 Real Ciders available !

The Brunswick Cider and Sausage Festival will take place from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th May 2016 at The Brunswick Inn, Derby, Derbyshire, UK.
It does not seem that long ago that I saw this poster for the Cider Festival at the NWAF and yet here we are already!

The Brunswick was awarded Derby CAMRA's Cider Pub of the Year this year so what a great way to celebrate this fact by going along to their Cider and Sausage festival.
There are some great Ciders in the list to try, See below for complete list of Ciders at this festival.

The Brunswick Cider & Sausage Festival 2016
The Brunswick's annual Cider and Sausage festival 2016

This real ale pub is only 200 yards from Derby Midland railway station which is handy if you are wanting to attend by train.

The cider list for the Brunswick Inn's, 2nd Cider & Sausage Festival

Ciders on the Festival Bar
Barbourne Cider Co. – Crimson King 6.0% - Medium/Dry
Barbourne Cider Co. – Golden Drop 5.0% - Medium            
Barbourne Cider Co. – Painted Lady 5.0% - Medium /Sweet
Gwynt Y Ddraig – Black Dragon 7.2% - Medium /Dry          
Gwynt Y Ddraig – Farmhouse Pyder 6.0% - Medium            
Hairy Ferret – Cherry Scrumpy Cider 4.0% - Fruit                  
Lyme Bay – Chapel Rock 7.4% - Medium /Dry                        
Millwhites Cider – Hedge Layer 4.8% - Meduim/ Dry        
Millwhites Cider – Original Scrumpy 6.5% - Dry                
Millwhites Cider – Rum Cask Cider 7.5% - Speciality      
Millwhites Cider – Somer Gold 5.0% - Medium                    
Moles – Black Rat 7.5% - Dry
Orchard Pig – Explorer 4.5% - Medium                                        
Orchard Pig – Maverick 4.0% - Ginger & Chilli                              
Orchard Pig – Navelgazer 6.0% - Dry                                      
Orchard Pig – Philosopher 6.0% - Medium                                  
Sheppy’s Cider – Cider with Raspberry 4.0% - Fruit Cider          
Sheppy’s Cider – Farmhouse Cider 6.0% - Medium/Dry        
Sheppy’s Cider – Old Conky 6.5% - Dry                                    
Sheppy’s Cider – Orchard Dew 6.0% - Medium/Dry              
Skorpion Cider – Black Cider 4.0% - Black Speciaility        
Spinney Abbey Cider – Monk & Disorderly 5.6%                  
Spinney Abbey Cider – Virgin on the Ridiculous 5.6%

Ales on the Festival Bar
Captain Cook Brewery – Botany Bay 4.0% - Light Ale, Citrus hint
Great Heck Brewing – Washington Red 3.8%                
Richmond Brewery – Drummer Boy 3.8%                              
Richmond Brewery – Strong Hill 4.0%                                  
Truefit Brewing – Ironopolis 4.7% - Stout                              
Truefit Brewing – Pale Grim 4.7% - Pale Ale, Lemon & Vanilla
Walls Brewery – Alvertune 3.8% - Pale Ale, Hoppy                  
Walls Brewery – Brewers Gold 4.0% - Golden, Malty Ale    
Walls Brewery – Gun Dog Bitter 3.8% - Traditional Tawny Bitter

Here is a photograph I took of the Cider bar on Thursday night :

The ciders available at the 2016 Sausage and Cider Festival.

Ales - £3.00 pint £1.50 ½
Cider - £3.40 pint £1.70 ½

Ales on the Bar
16 extra cask ales on the bar – 9 regular ales & 7 ever changing guest ales. Prices vary.
Ciders on the Bar
Up to 16 further ciders available on the bar and from the cellar please see separate list at the bar. Priced £3.60 pint £1.80 ½

And the Sausages available :
These are served at the BBQ at the back garden.

I can highly recommend the Pork Apple and Cider ones and also the Pork and Leek ones.
You help yourself to fried Onions and sauces near the BBQ.

Where is The Brunswick?
The Brunswick Inn
1 Railway Terrace

01332 290677 or 07956505951

Google Street view of this pub:
Click here for a 360 degree view of the pub on Railway Terrace. Here you can see its exact location relative to Derby Railway Station etc.

Here is a tilt-view of the pub :