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Wednesday 25 February 2015

Brunswick Spring Cider & Sausage Festival - Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th March 2015. Live music too !

The Brunswick spring Cider & Sausage Festival will take place from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th March 2015 at The Brunswick Inn, Derby, Derbyshire, UK.

There is live music from Feelgood band on Friday 13th at 8:30 and 44 Pistol Pete on Saturday at 8:30

Here is a list of the Ciders confirmed so far, there are 10 more to follow :
Abrahalls Slack Alice & AM
Broadoak Perry & Pheasant Plucker
Fynberrys Rutland Cider, Blackberry & Nettle, & Rhubard & Strawberry
Gwynt y Ddraig Celtic warrior, Haymaker, Firey Fox & Farmers Pride
Jollydale Med Dry & Dry
Healeys Farmhouse Cider
Lilleys Pigswill, Merry Monkey & Darksider
London Jumping Jack & Jaspers Cider
Moles Black rat & Perry
Mr Whiteheads Equinox, Rum Cider & Midnight Special
Scrumpy Wasp Hibinate
Snail Bank Summer Fruits & Ginger
Thatchers Cheddar Valley & Trad Dry
Thistly Cross Jagger Thistle & Traditional

The Brunswick Spring Cider & Sausage Festival 2015

Where is The Brunswick?
The Brunswick Inn
1 Railway Terrace

01332 290677 or 07956505951

Google Street view of this pub:
Click here for a 360 degree view of the pub on Railway Terrace. Here you can see its exact location relative to Derby Railway Station etc.

Here is a tilt-view of the pub :
Tilt view of The Brunswick


Tuesday 17 February 2015

My videos of the 2015 Ashbourne Shrovetide Football from Tuesday 17th February.

This blog post will be updated as I edit and upload new videos from today's Ashbourne Shrovetide Football. I will announce any new videos on Twitter - www.twitter.com/AndySavage1969

My review of today.
The weather was amazing, perfect blue skies and bright sun Not a drop of rain or snow, the ground however was rather wet and muddy due to the rain we had on Monday.

This was one of the most busy games I have ever seen in the 13 years I have been going to this event. I had to park a lot further away that I have had to before due to the amount of cars.

Mobile phone data network issues at Ashbourne Shrovetide Football :(
If your a keen follower of Ashbourne Shrovetide Football then you are probably aware that this year for the first time there was to be a live video stream made available  at www.shrovetide.tv
I'm on O2 and as I walked towards the Shawcroft carpark there was only 3G, No 4G but at least it was full strength 3G signal so was able to do a few tweets as I got towards the turning up plinth.

Then at about 1:45pm I tried to tweet a panorama of the crowds and the Twitter progress bar did not move at all. I tried various things such as turning the phone fully off and on and even deleted Twitter App but then I found I could not connect to the App store to re install it. In fact I then found nothing worked that uses Data even thought it said 3G. I had to assume my iPhone6 had gone faulty. I then spoke to a few other people with smartphones on o2 and they said they had the same problem. Oh no, the one time I need to use data and o2 have let me down.
I could no longer send any Tweets or even find out anything about the current location of the ball. It was only when I started to walk back to the car, out of the Town thatnmy phone must have connected to a different GSM mast as data started working again so was able to install Twitter. I then tried the live streaming website but found that that was not working due to ee not working !!!!
Sounds like there was a serious problem with GSM in Ashbourne today.
When I got back to Derby I tried the live streams again on 50Mb Broadband but I see neither camera is working.

A goal was scored at 7.52pm goal by Up’ard Vince Brayne.

My Videos from Ashbourne Shrovetide Football:
This is a Slow Motion video (240fps) of Mick Pepper turning up the ball at Ashbourne Shrovetide Football 2015 on Tuesday 17th February. Look at all those hands waiting to grab the ball !
Was that YOUR hand it bounced off first?

Part 1 of my video collection for Tuesday's Ashbourne Shrovetide Football 2015:

Part 2 of my video collection for Tuesday's Ashbourne Shrovetide Football 2015:

Part 3 of my video collection for Tuesday's Ashbourne Shrovetide Football 2015:

Part 4 of my video collection for Tuesday's Ashbourne Shrovetide Football 2015:


Monday 16 February 2015

2015 Ashbourne Shrovetide Football, Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th February. The maddest game of football in the World!

Note videos of the game will appear on my YouTube channel, Subscribe to see them. or follow me on Twitter so you get notified : https://twitter.com/AndySavage1969

Its that time of year again when the maddest game of football in the world takes place in Ashbourne Derbyshire. Here are the details for 2015 :

The 2015 game takes place on the 17th and 18th February.
On Tuesday Mick Pepper, will be turning up the ball at 2.00pm. And on Ash Wednesday,  Mick Betteridge will have the honour.

Ashbourne in Derbyshire is host to one of the Oldest Shrovetide football games in England and this annual event is one not to be missed.

It was first recorded in 1682, though thought to date back to the 12th Century ,various attempts were made to suppress it over the years.

It has continued unabated ever since, and by 1928 it had become so respectable that the then Prince of Wales was invited to start the game. From that year on it was known as the Royal Shrovetide Football game.

The Game is played annually on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, and consists of two teams, one from anyone born to the North of the River Henmore, and one from people born South of the river, these are known as Upards and Downards.

The Goals are on the sites of Old mills, one at Clifton and one at Sturston, these are three miles apart.
A goal is scored by a player striking the mill wheel three times with the Ball.

The ball may be kicked, carried or thrown, but generally proceeds in a series of hugs invisible to the spectator. The game can last for many hours, finishing well after dark.

The game starts at 2pm in the afternoon, when a specially prepared ball - larger than a football and filled with cork which weighs around 4lbs is thrown in by a visiting guest of honor. The balls used for the Shrovetide games are made by Ashbourne man John Harrison.
The hand sewn leather balls are filled with cork chippings.
The balls are a work of art and take a few weeks to paint.

The Rules
If the balls are goaled, then it will become the proud possession of the person who has goaled it. If no-one goals it, then the person that turned-up the ball gets to take it home.
The game starts in the Shawcroft Carpark (back of Waitrose supermarket), See my detailed map lower down. I have provided a detailed interactive Shrovetide map lower down in this post which will enable you to see all the key points of the playing field which 3 miles between the two goals at Sturston and Clifton.

Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football is something that you just have to see to believe your eyes.
Here is part one of four videos I made of the game in 2012 to give you an idea of what its like :

Here is part one of six videos I made of the game in 2013 to give you an idea of what its like :

I have lots of photographs and several videos from past games that you can view :

Photographs from the 2008 Ashbourne Shrovetide Football game.

Photographs from the 2007 Ashbourne Shrovetide Football game.

Photographs from the 2006 Ashbourne Shrovetide Football game.

Photographs from the 2004 Ashbourne Shrovetide Football game.

Photographs from the 2002 Ashbourne Shrovetide Footbal game.

Videos :
Video footage from the 2010 Ashbourne Shrovetide Football Game.

Video footage from the 2009 Ashbourne Shrovetide Football Game.

Video footage from the 2007 Ashbourne Shrovetide Footaball game

Extra video footage from the 2007 Ashbourne Shrovetide Football game.

Time-lapse driving video from Derby to Ashbourne.

Time-lapse driving video from Derby to Ashbourne 2012.

Location Map:
Smartphone drop pin locator for Ashbourne Shrovetide Football,
If you own a smartphone (iPhone,HTC etc) then CLICK HERE and it will launch your mapping app with a "drop pin" which I have perfectly located above the turning up plinth, If you have never been to Ashbourne then you can use this to get walking directions to where the action will be at 2pm.
On an iPhone, once the map shows up there will be a red drop pin in the middle of the screen with the title "Ashbourne Shrovetide" above it. Touch "Directions" at the bottom and then "by foot" icon at the top of the screen to get detailed walking directions to the start of the game.

The town of Ashbourne is located in Derbyshire just off the A52, see my time-lapse driving video to Ashbourne Football.
I have created an interactive map which shows all the key points in the game such as the turning up plinth where the ball is thrown, the two goals and the Henmore which is what determines if you are an Upard or a Downard, Click the link below the map for a large view of all the points of interest :

View Ashbourne Shrovetide Football game map. in a larger map

If you are travelling from Derby then you could catch the Swift Bus from Derby Bus Station for £3.80 single/£7.50 return. This stops at Ashbourne Bus Station which is a two minute walk from the Shorecroft car park. Information on the Swift Bus Service.

If your looking for somewhere to stay over then there is the White Hart pub just down the road or the Station Hotel or Compton Guest House or a Travel Lodge at the other end of the town.


Wednesday 11 February 2015

The 2015 National Camra Winter Ales Festival (aka Derby Winter Beer Festival) : Weds 11th to Sat 14th February.

Here is my complete guide to the 2015 National Winter Ales Festival being held at the historic Derby Roundhouse, running from Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th February. This beer festival was formally known as the Derby Winter Beer Festival but is now the new home of the NWAF which used to take place in Manchester.

This CAMRA beer festival will take place the Derby Roundhouse on Pride Park, Derby.
See my detailed maps below.

Tilt view of the venue.

Here is a short video I made at the 2012 Derby Winter Beer Festival in the roundhouse, this will give you a good idea of the venue for the NWAF :

If you have never been to a beer festival before then you are missing an experience, there are not just beers on sale there are ciders and Perries.  You can get some hot or cold food too. T-shirts and glasses are available to buy and great live music to watch each day.

Its best to arrive using the free bus service from Derby Bus Station.

Dates and opening times:
Wednesday 11th February 1pm to 4pm TRADE ONLY
Wednesday 11th February 4pm to 11pm
Thursday 12th February 11am to 11pm
Friday 13th February 11am to 11pm
Saturday 14th February 11am to 11pm

Entrance charges:
FREE to CAMRA Members up until Thursday 5pm when it will be £2 thereafter.
Non-members will be charged as follows :

Wednesday 4pm - 11pm - £3
Thursday 11am - 5pm - £2, 5pm - 11pm - £5
Friday 11am - 5pm - £3, 5pm - 11pm - £6
Saturday 11am - 5pm - £3, 5pm - 11pm - £6

Travelling to the NWAF:
The entrance to the Roundhouse is on the other side of Derby Railway Station, if you are arriving by train then simply follow the signs to the NWAF (or Roundhouse).
If you are wanting to get to the Roundhouse from the Railway Terrace side of Derby Railway station then you are probably best to walk up to the Alexandra Hotel and use the underpass to get to the Roundhouse.

Where do I catch the free Beer festival shuttle bus?

In Derby this free shuttle bus from the Bus Station. It only takes 10 minutes to get to the Roundhouse.
The FREE Shuttle Bus between Derby Town Centre and the beer festival provided by Harpur's (Yes its FREE there and back honest !) and travels as below :
I have created a very detail map for this free bus showing locations etc. - Free Derby Beer Festival Shuttle Bus Map.

A photograph of the free bus arriving at the Roundhouse :

Bus for Derby winter beer festival 2012 at Roundhouse

This free bus shuttle will run at these times :

Wednesday 11th, Leaves Derby City Centre at these times :
15:00 and then every 20 minutes until 22:20

Last bus is 23:00 from the Roundhouse to Derby City Centre.

Thursday 12th, Friday 13th, Saturday 14th, Leaves Derby City Centre at these times :
10:00 and then every 20 minutes until 22:20

Last bus is 23:00 from the Roundhouse to Derby City Centre.

Live entertainment at the 2015 NWAF :

Wednesday 11th

Accoustic Open Mic

Thursday 12th
The Jam movement.
The Modest

Friday 13th
Verbal Warning

Saturday 14th
UK Foo Fighters


The Roundhouse
Roundhouse Road, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8JE

For those non-drinkers giving people a lift in your car, the SATNAV postcode for Derby Roundhouse is DE24 8JE
Its also a perfect location to get to by train as Derby railway station is less that 30 seconds walk away from this venue !See when the next train to Derby station is here - Thetrainline.com

Google Streetview of Derby Roundhouse with Derby Railway Station also in view.

Smartphone mapping pin for smartphone owners:
If you are a new visitor to NWAF then you will find my smartphone navigation pin of use. Simply view this blog on your smartphone and follow my instruction below.

Derby NWAF Festival drop pin ---- Tap this link on you smartphone.

When you tap the link above, it will launch your mapping application and place a "push pin" onto the map with the exact location of Derby Roundhouse beer festival. You can then use this marker to get walking directions.

For example on an iPhone you tap the "Directions" button at the bottom and this will pre-fill in the start location with your current location and the end location with the Roundhouse.

So all you need to do is just tap the "Route" button at the bottom then tap the walking icon and it will show you walking route. If you tap the bottom left icon 3 times then this will turn on follow mode, Centre mode and direction mode. What this means is that a blue flashing dot which represents you will stay in the centre of the screen and orientated in the direction that you travel in.

If you tap the middle button at the top, this will even show you which bus number and when the next bus to the Roundhouse is from your nearest location.
My push pins are far more accurate than any other map as its not based on the postcode which most maps are. My map is based on local knowledge of the location.

Beer and Cider Lists:
The Complete Beer and Cider lists are here : (These are in .PDF format.)

2015 Beer list.

2015 Cider and Perry list

2015 Continental List.

If you want more information then please visit the official website which is : www.nwaf.org.uk

They have an excellent Twitter page to keep up to date with this festival : nwaf on Twitter.

Andy Savage

Thursday 5 February 2015

The famous Derby man that walks backwards writing down car number plates. Where have YOU seen him?

There is a famous "local character" in Derby, very distinctive because he walks backwards along the streets of Derby City. He's a Derby legend!
He seems like a pleasant chap, not causing any harm to anyone and he always has a big smile on his face.
The famous Derby man that walks backwards ! Have you seen him? Let me know via Twitter.

Whats he writing down?

He wears a large backpack and an open jotter writing down as he walks backwards. If you live in Derby or drive around the city I dare say you will have seen him at some point.
He gets around quite a bit, not just in the city centre.
I saw him last week walking down Ashbourne Road at 6:55am.
Have also seen him on Christmas Day at the top of Babington Lane, walking backwards down Mercian Way.
Seen him walking backwards down St Peters Street.
Seen him on Midland Road going backwards around the traffic lights a few times while he waited for the lights to change.
Seen him on Albert Street Zebra Crossing, where he would stand repeatedly pressing the button.

He has even been seen at Nottingham Bus Station on his way to Derby in October 2014.

It would appear that he is writing down car number plate numbers but I have seen him walking down the pedestrianised St Peters Street in Derby and he
was still writing something down then, so it can't be car number plates! What could it be?

So, What does he look like? He is very distinctive, Unlikely you would miss him. His main traits are:
He walks backwards !!!!!!!! (Surely that's enough to recognise him!)
Wears a large black and green Backpack
Always has a large book open and writing something in it.
long black straggly hair
small black beard, grey at the front.
Bulging eyes
Big smile
He has to keep moving, does not stop very often.
Sometimes he seems to get stuck going around lampposts.

Where have YOU seen him?
Does anyone know what he is actually writing down in his jotter?
Have you ever spoken to him? What did he say?

Get in touch via Twitter - AndySavage1969 , use #DerbyBackwardsMan

Here are some videos of the famous Derby walking backwards man around various places in the City, just to prove that he really does exist.
Please note none of these videos are by me, they are taken by other people.

New video for May 2017. This is a music video by Derby's international rap artist Eyez and features many Derby streets and also the man who walks backwards !
To see his cameo appearance see here : Man who walks backwards.

A video posted by elizaalexandria (@elizaalexandria) on

A new March 2015 video of someone asking him questions !!!!

Walking backwards on Derwent Street, Derby:

In this video you can see the Walking backwards Derby man doing several loops around a lampost on Derby Market Place.

Stuck in a loop at the crossing at The Spot.

There are lots of local characters in Derby but this guy is very distinctive and always brings a smile to peoples faces.

Other local characters you may remember are that Jamaican guy that rides a push bike around Normanton, he's customised it so it looks like a motorbike! It has a load music system on it.

Then there was that guy that used to have his head completely wrapped in a long scarf, he had white socks and sandals whatever the weather!

An of course there is that middle aged Japanese man that dresses like a school boy (like Angus Young)!