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Monday 28 September 2015

My video of the Saurus Procession by Close-Act at Derby Festé 2015. Friday night

The Saurus Procession by Close-Act at Derby Festé 2015.

As well as my live video broadcasts on Friday night on Periscope I also took video of the parade.
It started off on St Peters Churchyard and then onto St Peters Street, then down onto Victoria Street, the Strand, Sadler Gate and onto Derby Market Place.

Here is my video :

More info about them on their website :

Hope you enjoyed it.

Sunday 20 September 2015

Virgin Media Broadband speed problems in Derby - "Area 20" Should be 50Mbps but actually getting 2Mbps. Soon to be fixed?

Are YOU a Virgin Media Broadband customer in "Area 20", this includes Derby, are you getting very poor speeds in the evening?

I've noticed this for several weeks now, once you get into the evening I find that my NowTv box starts having trouble playing without buffering and that I can no longer watch YouTube or iPlayer on my Windows 10 PC or on my iPhone6.

Running a speedtest on the connection clearly shows that my 50Mbps Broadband service is only giving me between 1Mbps to 2Mbps which is not fast enough for anything other than very basic web browsing.The upload speed remains as it should be around 3Mpbs.

Here is my download speed in the evening. As you can see its 50 times slower than it should be...

Here is the final result of the download and upload test, My upload speed is as it should be.

Try your broadband connection here :
Simply click on the Begin Test button.

If you have a Virgin Media 50M service then you should normally get around 52MBps download result when you run the test. The upload speed would normally be around the 3Mbps area.

Here is the very same test on my connection but done in the morning, as you can see its all perfect :

I had been putting up with it and not got around to phoning them about it but decided enough was enough, Apparently there is an high utilization area issue and the equipment is being upgraded right now and will go live on Wednesday 23rd September 2015.
They offered me two months of free broadband in return for my poor service so worth giving them a ring.

So lets see what happens on  Wednesday 23rd September !
Fingers crossed.

Are you in Area 20 and having the same problems as me? if so leave a comment on this post.