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Monday 8 October 2018

Mackworth Estate Memorial "Sculpture to Conflict", Derby - Google Street view and Video tour

Mackworth Estate Memorial "Sculpture to Conflict" by artist Peter Maris.

This memorial was consecrated on Saturday 6th October 2018 by Rt Rev's Jan McFarlane, Bishop of Repton and acting Bishop of Derby.

This modern war memorial is located on Prince Charles Avenue, opposite the Coop on the land at the end of the new car park.

Here is a Google Streetview tour I captured on Sunday  7th October 2018 :

Or use this link to view : Google Street view of : Mackworth Estate Memorial "Sculpture to Conflict"

The monument cost £18,000 to build and was funded by section 106 contributions from the sale of the former Derby College site and the Radbourne Lane development - rather than taxpayer cash

It was designed with the help of local school children in 2015.

The structure is made from Weathering steel (Core Ten) which is a hard wearing material used in the construction of tanks in WWII, contemporary landscaping and sculptures and memorials such as the “Angel of the North”. Weathering steel (Core-Ten) is low maintenance long lasting and once fully oxidised will colour from golden brown to a deep purple brown over time. The sculpture will also contain a stone carved frieze based on the actual carving workshops from three local schools and their understanding of peace and conflict.

Here is a video tour around the memorial from the Summer 2018 before it was completed.


Saturday 16 June 2018

40,000 Bees come to my garden in Derby, Amazing to see !

Here is my video of when 40,000 Bees descended into my garden.

Thursday 10 May 2018

Video tour of Tissington Well Dressing 2018 and 360 degree Google streetviews of the wellls

Here is my mini tour of Tissington Well Dressing for 2018.
I took this footage on the evening of Thursday 10th May 2018.
I have also included a bit of footage of the lovely village pond reflections.

Here is the video, best viewed at 1080p Fullscreen.

Or use this link to my video :

Well Dressing is a Derbyshire thing, celebrated in lots of Derbyshire villages every year.

While visiting the Well dressings here in Tissington I also captured 19 different 360 degree views which are now added to Google maps such as. I have captured all of the Well Dressings in Google Streetview photographs. Here are a few of them....


Monday 30 April 2018

Derby City, Allenton, Sinfin, past Rolls Royce, Infinity Park - Derby Streets by car series

Here is a real time drive around Derby. We start on Friargate and go through the city centre to Allenton then past the new road layout around Rolls Royce to Sinfin. In this journey I needed to go to Dunelm in Wilmorton, Heron Foods in Allenton and Asda in Sinfin. This was the first time I had driven around the new road layout near Rolls-Royce.

Here is the video :

A list of times and street names. 00:03 Friar Gate 00:23 Bridge Street 00:36 Agard Street 01:15 Ford Street (inner ring road clockwise) 01:48 Cathedral Road 02:33 Full Street 03:09 Corporation Street 03:21 Morledge 04:18 The Cock Pitt 04:58 Station Approach 05:28 Railway Terrace 06:09 Midland Road 06:40 London Road 08:47 Ascot Drive 10:42 Osmaston Road 11:11 Spider Bridge 11:50 Heron Foods 12:46 Harvey Road 13:12 Osmaston Road 13:49 Chelaston Road 14:38 Merrill Way 15:41 Can you see the Bird of Prey hovering on the left looking for a mouse? 15:43 Wilmore Road 16:25 New road layout for Rolls-Royce and the new Infinity Park. 18:22 Sinfin Lane 19:45 Grampion Way 21:27 ASDA Sinfin. End Andy's Driving videos around Derby, Derbyshire, UK : Are you an ex-pat of Derby, feeling homesick? Or perhaps you just want a clear way of giving someone directions to a location in Derby or just want to show people your Derby Street. Well in this video and the many others I have made, you will be able to take a virtual drive around the city of Derby's streets as though you were in the driving seat. Thanks Andy

Unreal Derby - An artistic view of Derby.

My latest arty video...

You may also enjoy another one I made....


Tuesday 20 February 2018

Video of stunning sunrise over Derby February 2018

I captured an amazing Sunrise over Derby last week. Here is the footage as-is from my Dashcam