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Thursday 22 March 2012

Video of Car Journey around Derby in the Winter snow, February 2012.

Filmed on Sunday 5th February 2012. The car journey starts on Holcombe Street, Pear Tree, Derby, Derbyshire, U.K. and ends on Stafford Street Derby.
Driving up Normanton Road and down the new Mercian Way (opened in 2011). I have added titles along the way with the road names.

The footage is speeded up x2 normal speed

My video of Driving around Derby in the snow :

Points of interest :
0:00 Holcombe Street, Pear Tree, Derby, Derbyshire, UK
0:24 Left onto Dairy House Road
0:31 Vulcan Arms public house
0:34 Pear Tree Road
1:04 Right onto Normanton Road
1:58 New round-a-bout for Derby Inner Ring Road where Lara Croft Way, Mercian Way, Burton Road, Normanton Road, Green Lane all meet up.
2:06 Mercian Way
2:37 The Great Northern Bonded Warehouse house waiting restoration.
2:57 Stafford Street
3:11 Inner Ring Road.

This car journey continues in my next video :
Derby to Duffield in the snow here

Music : TerraNation - Seek bromance [TN demo mix)
Used under Creative Commons License

Hope you like it.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Car Boot Sale - Pride Park Stadium on Sunday 25th March 2012.

The Pride Part Stadium Car Boot Sale will take place on Sunday 25th March 2012.
The car boot sale will be held from 10am and 2pm.

Pride Park Panorama (July 2011 #1)
Photograph by Steven Lee.

Derby County fans that have items to sell can bring their boot full with them to the home of the Rams and will be charged just £10 for a pitch.

Buyers will be given access to the Car Boot free of charge.

Pride Park Stadium Map Location.

Google Streetview of Pride Park.

There is plenty of free parking in front of the stadium.

If you would like any further information on the Pride Park Stadium Car Boot Sale, call Derby County's Marketing Manager Faye Nixon on 01332 667559.

All money raised will help fund the Kenyan Adventure project. By taking participants to Kenya, Derby County in the Community aims to raise £20,000 towards sustaining the successful disability programme which offers vulnerable adults and young people the opportunity to play and enjoy football, creating a level playing field for all. The trip also supports the 2012 Kenyan Adventure Community Development Pledge, which invests resources and equipment into the projects Kenyan Adventure supports.

As part of the Car Boot Sale, Pride Park Stadium Tours are being offered to attendees at a discounted price of £4 for adults and £3 for under 16s.
For any group wishing to bring large numbers there is also a discounted group price available.

If you don't fancy this car boot then there is always the Giant Sunday Car Boot Sale at Tansley.


Video of Martin Atterbury on the Wurlitzer at Burton Beer Festival 2012, Burton-on-Trent.

Burton CAMRA beer festival took place last Thursday to Saturday. Here is a short video I took on Friday afternoon from the balcony. See my 2012 Burton Beer Festival post. for details.

This is a great venue for a beer festival, the entrance to the festival was the back entrance to Burton Town Hall. In the main hall beers were located all around in the archways (see in the video).
There used to be a another beer festival here in September but not for a few years now.

There was a large stage where Martin Atterbury would perform at lunchtimes and live entertainment in the evenings by retracting the Wurlitzer organ into the opening in the stage wall.
Ciders and more beers were located down two short corridors in the Lingen room. There was a food area serving meals and a quiet room too.

Here are a few tunes played by Martin Atterbury a the 33rd Burton CAMRA Beer Festival.
This was recorded on Friday 16th March 2012. It features Martin Atterbury on the Wurlitzer at Burton Town Hall.

This Wurlitzer organ is from Cleveland Ohio where it was manufactured in 1921. After a fire in the Cinema, the organ was shipped to England in 1939 and installed in The Forum at Northenden, Manchester.
In 1971 the organ was purchased by Burton Council and installed in Burton Town Hall where it has been ever since.

Or use this link : Video of Martin Atterbury on the Wurlitzer at Burton Beer Festival 2012.

Did you goto this beer festival?


Friday 16 March 2012

Video of Car Journey from Derby to Duffield in the snow.

I've been meaning to do this for ages, here it is at last a driving video in the snow.

This is a car journey from Derby to Duffield in the snow.
Filmed on Sunday 5th February 2012, starting at 11.22 in Derby and ending at St Alkmund's Chuch, Duffield at 11.36.  The footage is speeded up x2 normal speed.
Lower down I have listed timings for points of interest and road names etc.

Best viewed FULL SCREEN

Here is my video Derby to Duffield in the snow :

Or use this link :
Driving video from Derby to Duffield in the snow, February 2012.

Points of interest :
0:00 Stafford Street, Derby (inner ring road).
0:11 Left onto Friar Gate (A52)
0:13 Friar Gate Bridge built by Andrew Handyside. See my blog for more info - http://friargatebridge.blogspot.com/
0.25 Right onto Bridge Street
0:46 Becomes Lodge Lane
0:53 Left onto Garden Street
1:14 Snowman on the right next to the lamp
1:16 Left onto Duffield Road (A6)
2:12 Taxi going 10MPH
2:26 Taxi turning left, indicating after turning !
2:51 The Abbey Hill Island (A6/A38 Round-a-bout)
3:10 Car in middle of road !
3:52 Planning to turn left into Allestree Park but chaos in entrance so had to change mind as it was blocked by lots of cars.
4:06 Had to clean windows at this point due to road salt.
4:16 Becomes Derby Road (A6)
5:24 Right onto Makeney Road
5:53 Over Railway Bridge
6:04 Right down Church Drive.
06:05 St Alkmund's Church - http://stalkmundsduffield.co.uk
06:11 Right into Car Park
06:28 Time to get out of the car and take some nice snowy photographs around Duffield.

My photographs of Duffield

Other Derbyshire Villages :

Music used :
TerraNation - Open your eyes remix
Used under Creative Commons License

Hope you enjoy my latest driving video.


Wednesday 14 March 2012

Burton Beer Festival 2012 - Thursday 15th March to Saturday 17th March at Burton Town Hall, Burton-on-Trent.

Just down t'road from Derby is the town of Burton and this is where you will find Burton's 33rd Beer Festival taking place this weekend starting Thursday evening.
The CAMRA Burton Beer Festival 2012 runs from Thursday 15th March to Saturday 17th March.

Here is what it looks like :
Atterbury Fest

Location :
Burton Town Hall, King Edward Pl, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire.

Date and times :
Thursday 15th March 2012  7:00pm - 11:00pm
Friday     16th March 2012 11:30am - 11:00pm
Saturday 17th March 2012 11:30am - 11:00pm

Admission Prices:
Thursday Free to all.
Friday lunchtime £2 (free for CAMRA members)
Friday Evening £6 (£2 for CAMRA members)
Saturday lunchtime £2 (Free for CAMRA members)
Saturday Evening £4 (£2 for CAMRA members)

Glass hire for all sessions is £2 returnable on departure from the festival if required or you can keep it as a souvenir.

Beer and Cider List for the 2012 Burton Beer Festival :
Beer and Cider list. <-- Click to download a pdf of all the beers and Ciders available at this years festival.

Video of the Burton Beer Festival 2009 :

Google Streetview of Burton Town Hall :
360degree Streetview.

Post Code for the venue :
DE14 2EB

Main Hall , burton town hall

If you are thinking of going to Burton Beer Festival by Train from Derby then it will only take around 9 to 12 minutes and will cost £6.80 for a day return. (or £6.20 off-peak day return)
On Friday, The very last train back from Burton to Derby is at 23:40.

Depending on where you live the cheapest option may be a Derbyshire Wayfarer as this only costs £10.50 for unlimited travel all day on train and bus over the area below :
Derbyshire Wayfarer routes covered by train and bus.

Map Location for Burton Beer Festival :

View Burton Beer Festival. in a larger map

To find the Beer Festival simply turn left out of Burton station and walk down Borough Road. You will see the Town Hall directly in front of you, a fine Gothic looking building here :

Photograph of Burton Town Hall
Burton upon Trent town hall


Tuesday 13 March 2012

Video of the amazing "Chameleon glass" on Derby College created using Dichroic film.

This is a very short video I made, showing off the amazing colour changing glass panels that have been fitted to the Derby College Roundhouse on Pride Park.

This is the first building in the UK to have been fitted with this technology. I had been meaning to film this for a long time now, then discovered that the free shuttle bus that goes to the Derby Winter Beer Festival goes along that very road.

My video of the Dichroic film causing the colour to change as you drive past Derby College.

As you can see the 3M Dichroic film alters its colour depending on the angle you view it from.

The Music I have selected for this video is :
TranceCrafter - Into the Night
Used under Creative Commons License

Dichroic glass changes colour as the viewer moves in relation to the glass. The glass has a transparent colour and a reflective colour, which will often be opposite colours of the spectrum. These two colours alternate or mix in varying proportions depending on the direction from which the highest light level is coming. The colours will also change as the viewer's angle of incidence changes.

"Dichroic glass" is a lot more expensive than film. Derby does not have many glass buildings but the iconic restoration of the Roundhouse looks really good with this Dichroic film.


Friday 9 March 2012

2012 Dates for Belper Farmers Market which takes place on the second Saturday of every month.

Belper Farmers' Market takes place Tomorrow Saturday 10th March and on the second Saturday of every month. The market runs from 9am to 2pm on Belper Market Place, Belper, Derbyshire.

Belper Farmers Market as seen in February 2012:
Belper farmers market 2012

The next Belper Farmers Market will take place on Saturday, 10th March 2012
You will find all sorts of loca food for sale here such as Cheese,Eggs,Pies,Meat etc.
The Pudding Room, Lime Tree Pantry, Heage Windmill, Amber Ales, Yorkshire Crisps, Honeypot etc.

Here are some websites of producers who are often at Belper Farmers Market :

Dates in 2012 for the Belper Farmers Market.

Saturday March 10th 2012
Saturday April 14th 2012
Saturday May 12th 2012
Saturday June 9th 2012
Saturday July 14th 2012
Saturday August 11th 2012
Saturday September 8th 2012
Saturday October 13th 2012
Saturday November 10th 2012
Saturday December 8th 2012

Belper Market Place is located at the very top of King Street where it meets the A609.

Location map for Belper Farmers Market :

View Belper Farmers Market. in a larger map


90's Derby was the clubbing capital of the UK as you can see in this new documentary DVD.

One More - The Definitive history of UK clubbing 1988 - 2008 DVD is out now, featuring interviews with DJs from the former club night "Progress" in Derby. I remember it do you?
Progress played house and trance music, started in 1992 at a club called the Wherehouse (now Mosh), in Friar Gate. It then moved to the Conservatory in Willow Row then at Eclipse in Babington Lane also at Time Nightclub and Sodabar. Progress finished in 2002.

The Blu-ray of this documentary is out on March 12th:
One More - The Definitive history of UK clubbing 1988 - 2008 [Blu-ray]

It s an all-star DJ line-up that would have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds in its heyday...assembled here for One More celebration. Clubland heavyweights Jeremy Healy, Brandon Block, Graeme Park, Danny Rampling, Norman Cook, Tall Paul, Allister Whitehead, Mark Moore, Sonique, Nicky Holloway and Radio One stalwarts Judge Jules Jules and Dave Pearce.

Nearly two years in the making, packed with previously unseen archive footage and set to a seminal soundtrack from a pioneering generation, this intriguing documentary quizzes the people who made it all possible.

One More - The Definitive history of UK clubbing 1988 - 2008
is available from Amazon :

Clubland heavyweights Jeremy Healy, Brandon Block, Graeme Park, Norman Cook, Tall Paul, Allister Whitehead, Mark Moore, Sonique, Nicky Holloway and Radio One stalwarts Judge Jules, Danny Rampling and Dave Pearce, plus many more.

Fuelled by revolutionary party drug ecstasy, this historic era of UK clubbing changed the lives of millions.

This intriguing account quizzes the pioneers who made it all possible.

A video clip of this DVD:

We basically nicked what Alfredo was doing and did it better.
Nicky Holloway

The band were saying “we can’t be associated with dance music”, so I left. When I got back to Brighton ecstasy had been invented and “finally it was happening to me.
Norman Cook

London had changed - all fuelled by this new drug called ecstasy.
Dave Pearce

It was the ’90s, ‘Excess All Areas‘. With the clubscene, Brit Pop and the festivals...the UK was party central for ten years
Danny Rampling

The decline in the so-called superclubs wasn’t down to a diminishing popularity of dance music, it was because it became more readily available.
Judge Jules


Thursday 8 March 2012

Video of the 2012 CAMRA Derby Winter Beer Festival at the Derby Roundhouse.

This video features pans across the Roundhouse on Thursday and Saturday at the CAMRA Derby Winter Beer Festival 2012. This was the 11th Winter beer festival for Derby and it took place at the Derby Roundhouse.

If you were there then you may see yourself in the video.

Here are some extra details on this video:
0:10 The free shuttle bus. This one was at 2pm on Thurs 16th Feb.
0:21 Start of the bus journey (x8 normal speed)
0:37 Arrive at The Roundhouse 2:08pm
0:42 General pans around the festival between 4pm and 7:30pm on Thurs 16th Feb.
3:16 General pans around the festival between 4.45pm and 7:15pm on Sat18th Feb.

Now watch the video of the bus journey through the eyes of a drunk :

Here is my video from the Derby Winterfest 2012:

Best watched in Fullscreen mode.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Thatchers Mixed case Ciders (8x500ml bottles) on offer at Costco Derby. £8.38

If you like quality Ciders and are a member of Costco then you may be interested in this nice deal at Costco Derby. I've not seen this type of collection of ciders before so worth investing in.
The ciders are "premium ciders", made using the most refined blend of modern and traditional techniques.

This case of 8 x 500ml Bottles is just £8.38 (£6.99 ex VAT).

It contains a selection of four Ciders as follows.
2 x Thatchers Gold
2 x Thatchers Pear
2 x Thatchers Old Rascal
2 x Thatchers Green Goblin

Photograph of the Thatchers mixed case Ciders at Costco Derby.
If you visit Costco Derby then you will find these Ciders in the last aisle furthest away from the checkouts so best take the trolley if you don't want to get long arms!

As well as this mixed case of ciders Costco also have Aspall cider, Bulmers cider, Magners cider etc etc.

Hope you found this of interest.