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Thursday 31 March 2016

The Water Feature, Derby Market Place in 360 degree photography. A record of how it used to look before it was turned off in 2016. "Derby Cascade" running since 1995

Love it or Hate it, everyone knows the water feature as its been there running for 21 years. The water pump was turned off for good at 11am on March 31st 2016.

In March 2016 it was announced by Derby City Council that the Water feature on Derby Market Place would be switched off.  All the authority's water features are being turned off to save £63,000 in running costs during 2016-17 and £32,000 in each future year!

Upon hearing this news I decided to capture the water feature from many different angles in 360 degrees so we can remember how it used to be before it was turned off. I have added all of these 360's to Google Streetview so they are available to view by everyone. If you want to see them via a map, go to Google Maps then drag the orange peg man over Derby Market Place and look for the small blue circles around the Water Feature and then drop the peg man directy onto one of them to view it or simply use the links below.

Did you know that the Water feature was designed by artist William Pye was installed in March 1995.
"Derby Cascade" which is its correct name, is 3.5 metres high and 12 metres in diameter.

Here are my 360 degree photographs of Derby Market Place's waterfall feature. I hope you enjoy having a look around it. These are high resolution 360 degree photos so you will need a broadband connection.
To view them in fullscreen, click the icon in the top right of the viewers. Use your mouse to drag the view point around.

View from the front of the cascade right :

Derby Market Place water feature, view from the top 3:

or click the link : Derby Market place water feature view from the top 3.

Derby water feature from the top. view 4:

Or click the link : Derby water feature view 4.

Speakers Corner :

View from the front middle of the cascade :

or click the link : View from the front middle of the cascade.

View through the curtain of water at the back next to Speakers corner :

or click the link : View through curtain of water.

Derby Market Place water feature view from the top 1:
click the link : Derby Market place water feature from the top view 1.

Derby water feature from the top. view 2:
click the link : Derby water feature from the top, view 2.

Here is a 360 degree photograph I captured way back in November 2005 at night when all the Market place was decorated for Christmas. (I did this with old equipment so the vertical view is limited compared with my current 360s)

or click the link : Derby market place water feature Christmas 2005.

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Wednesday 30 March 2016

My 360 view of the Cenotaph in Derby Market Place, Derby.

Here is a 360 degree view I captured of the Cenotaph in Derby Market Place.
I took this back in June 2010 but have now added it to Google Streetview seeing as its such a nice view. Click the fullscreen icon to view it at its best.

This war memorial was designed by C C Thompson and was built in the Market Place in 1924 by A G Walker. In this view you can also see the Guild Hall, the Quad and the now disused Assembly Rooms.

My 360 degree view of the Cenotaph in Derby Market Place.:

or click the link : 360 view of the Cenotaph in Derby Market Place, Derby.


My new 360's around Riverside Chambers, Derby.

Here are my latest 360 degree Google Streetviews around Derby.

The main entrance to Riverside Chambers :

Or click this link : 360 degree photo of entrance to Riverside Chambers.

Here is another 360 I made, this one at the entrance to HIDE Burger Bar and Bean Caffe:

Or click this link : 360 degree photo of entrance to HIDE Burger Bar and Cafe.


Monday 14 March 2016

Belper Farmers Market, 2nd Saturday of every month. Get some lovely local produce!

Belper Farmers' Market takes place on the second Saturday of every month. The market runs from 8:30am to 1pm on Belper Market Place, Belper, Derbyshire.

Here is a Google Streetview 360 I created of it :

Belper Farmers Market:

Or click this link : Belper Farmers Market 360 degree view.

Here is another Google Streetview 360 I created :

Or click the link : Belper Farmers Market.

Dates in 2016 for the Belper Farmers Market.
Saturday 9th April
Saturday 14th May
Saturday 11th June
Saturday 9th July
Saturday 13th August
Saturday 10th September
Saturday 8th October
Saturday 12th November
Saturday 10th December

Belper Market Place is located at the very top of King Street where it meets the A609.
There is a FREE car park right next to the Market Place, its called "The Coppice", its not obvious. You get to it by driving onto the Market Place and turning to the right, you will see the entrance down the left side of Monki do. When leaving you exit between the Cross Keys and the black Swan pub.

Map showing location of Belper Farmers Market:

View Belper Farmers Market. in a larger map


Wednesday 2 March 2016

The copper building in Derby, my 360 degree photos on google Maps

Some 360 degree photographs I took of One Friar Gate Square aka the Copper building in Derby at the end of Agard Street where it meets Ford Street. There are plans to build two more modern looking building next to this one. these would be located inline with the old Friargate railway bridge. I decided to create these 360s before these new buildings are in place, thus capturing this view before its too late !

This is me testing methods of embedding my 360 degree photos from Google Maps into my blog.
Allows full control over initial view etc. Do they work for you?

Hopefully here you should see my 360 photos which you can look around.....

And another view I made :

And a view from the car park where the old Friar Gate line used to run a long time ago...