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Friday 28 June 2013

My 400th video on YouTube! Derby streets by car in HD. Pride Park to Rose Hill, Derby. June 2013.

My 400th video has just gone live on YouTube!
Its called "Derby streets by car in HD. Pride Park to Rose Hill, Derby. June 2013." and is one of my Derby streets by car series. This one is real-time and recorded at 1080p HD. This was recorded on the morning of the 15th June 2013.
The drive starts off in the car park of Pride Park Stadium.

My 400th Video on YouTube :

Or click this link : Derby Streets by car in HD. Pride Park Stadium to Rose Hill.

I can't believe I have been making videos for almost six years now. The most popular video I have made is one that I only created last year. Its had over 121,260 views in just 14 months. It allows you to test that your system is wired correctly :
Speaker Headphones Test Left and Right, Ensure your left and right speakers are connected correctly.

I have 766 subscribers to my channel so I must be doing something right.

I hope to carry on making videos as they are clearly popular.
Subscribe to my channel if you like what I produce.


Thursday 27 June 2013

Video of a superfast drive from Ashbourne, Derbyshire to Macclesfield, Cheshire. 21st June 2013

This is a silly video which I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to embed on Facebook etc.
I used 50 minutes of my HD driving footage and sped it up four times faster than normal to create a very funny driving video. Best watched fullscreen at 720p.

My car journey starts on the west side of the Derbyshire Town of Ashbourne and proceeds up the A52/A523/A6. We pass through the following locations : Mayfield, Swinscoe, Calton Moor, Waterhouses, Winkhill, Bottom House, Bradnop, Leek, Rushton, Bosley, Oakgrove, and finally Macclesfield in Cheshire.

See if you can guess some of the music that was playing on my car mp3 player during the journey, there is all sorts of stuff. I will give you a clue the first song is by John Miles but there is also Trance, Dance, ccmixter songs and pop songs. There is a distinctive Reuben Halsey track in there at about 06:23.

Whats the name of the song that I play twice? (a song from UK charts in Jan 2009)

There may be the odd burp in there :)

One part of this video features that lorry that had trouble negotiating around a tight bend near Rudyard Lake, Staffordshire. - http://youtu.be/Z_SO_jAA_Gw

My superfast drive from Ashbourne, Derbyshire to Macclesfield, Cheshire in June.

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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Cider Festival at JD Wetherspoon pubs - Babington Arms and the Standing Order Derby. 10th to 28th July 2013

The Summer Cider Festival at the Babington Arms and the Standing Order in Derby runs from Wednesday 10th to Sunday 28th July 2013. And all JD Wetherspoon pubs across the UK !

This dedicated Cider festival just happens to start on the very same day as Derby's CAMRA summer Beer Festival.
The JD Wetherspoon Cider Festival 2013

They have 16 different ciders to taste this year as follows

1. Fiery Fox
6.5% ABV – Glamorgan – Gwynt y Ddraig
Golden medium cider, with a refreshing apple aroma and a smooth,
balanced flavour, with a fresh, crisp sharpness.

2. Haymaker
6.5% ABV – Glamorgan – Gwynt y Ddraig
A fruity medium cider, bursting with the flavour of apples – a true
farmhouse cider, with a smooth finish.

3. Welsh Gold Perry
6.0% ABV – Glamorgan – Gwynt y Ddraig
Traditional medium perry – rich and fruity, bursting with flavour.
2011 Welsh Cider & Perry Championship gold medal winner

4. Scrummage
6.5% ABV – Leicestershire – Bottle Kicking Cider Co
A medium cider, Scrummage truly represents the East of England apple varieties
– light and crisp, with Bramley bursting through with every mouthful.

5. Shaky Bridge
6.0% ABV – Devon – Sandford Orchards
This is a clear, natural, full-bodied, bittersweet cider. Crisp, with a long,
dry apple finish.

6. Bramble Saison
5.3% ABV – Devon – Sandford Orchards
This is an indulgent, off-dry, bittersweet cider, with the rich berry notes
from the blackberries giving a sweet, tart finish.

7. Strawberry Cider
4.0% ABV – Hampshire – Mr Whitehead’s
Fresh strawberry juice is added to the cider, giving this special cider a light pink
hue, with a medium to sweet taste.

8. Field Farm Perry
7.0% ABV – Hampshire – Mr Whitehead’s
This is an exclusive perry for the Wetherspoon cider festival, stronger, but quite
dry… the taste is refreshing and the strength creeps up on you.

9. Cornish Orchards Pear Cider
5.0% ABV – Cornwall – Cornish Orchards
A refreshing, medium-dry cider in the style of traditional perry and a crisp,
fresh apple finish. Created with beautiful English Conference pears.

10. Cornish Orchards Farmhouse Cider
4.8% ABV – Cornwall – Cornish Orchards
This scrumptious still cider is rich in fruity aromas and ripe apple flavour.
The autumnal windfall apples are our inspiration for this delicious, mellow
cider. Light honey in colour, with a mellow flavour which leaves the palate
clean and refreshed.

11. Rosie’s Pig
4.8% ABV – Herefordshire – Westons
Rosie’s Pig is a traditional cloudy cider, with lots of matured character.
It’s very refreshing and clean – the perfect sunny-day drink.

12. Cheddar Valley
6.0% ABV – Somerset – Thatchers
We’re bringing Cheddar Valley to the festival. This is a 6.0% ABV traditional
Somerset cider. It’s naturally cloudy and matured in our oak vats to create
a distinctive and robust flavour.

13. Somerset Draught Cider
5.5% ABV – Somerset – RJ Sheppy & Son
Blended from dessert apples and traditional cider fruit to create
a delicious fresh-tasting cider, with a light sparkle.

14. Tempted? Summer Sweet Irish Craft
5.4% ABV – Northern Ireland – Cornish Tempted Irish Cider
This is a full-bodied cider, with a smooth finish, sweetened with
a generous measure of our pure apple juice.

15. Orchard Pig Philosopher
6.0% ABV – Somerset – Orchard Pig/Shepton Mallet Cider Mill
A refreshing mix of tingly citrus sharpness and intense apple character,
delivering a well-balanced, traditional Somerset cider.

16. Waddlegoose Lane Cyder
5.8% ABV – Suffolk – Aspall
Named after one of the lanes leading from the village of Debenham to the
Aspall site, this is a medium-dry cyder, with a clean, light, appley aroma and floral
overtones. The palate is initially slightly sweet, with a tangy dry finish.

Other Ciders available at Weatherspoons pubs during the Cider Festival :
Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime
4.0% ABV 500ml Bottl e
Kopparberg Pear or Summer Fruits
4.5% ABV 500ml Bottl e
Magners 4.5% ABV 568ml Bottle
Stowford Press 4.5% ABV Pint or Thatchers Gold 4.8% ABV Pint
Strongbow 4.5% ABV Pint
Brothers Cider – Strawberry 4.0% ABV 500ml Bottle and Toffee Apple 4.0% ABV 500ml Bottle
Black Dragon 7.2% ABV
Old Rosie 7.3% ABV
Wyld Wood Organic Cider 6.0% ABV
Marcle Hill 5.0% ABV
Henry Westons Country Perry 4.5% ABV
Cider Twist Raspberry 4.0% ABV
Cornish Orchards – Vintage 7.2% ABV
Devon Scrumpy 6.0% ABV
Cheddar Valley 6.0% ABV
Welsh Gold Perry 6.0% ABV
Pear-Shaped 7.0% ABV
Strawberry cider 4.0% ABV


Want more info on these Derby pubs ?...
The Babington Arms, Derby.
The Standing Order, Derby.

You will probably be very interested in my post here :
How to buy a box of Cider for home (35 pints!)

This Cider Festival will take place at all JD Wetherspoon pubs not just the Derby pubs.
If you are a fan of real ciders and live in Derby then its worth paying a visit to the New Zealand Arms pub as they have a dedicated cider bar!


Tuesday 25 June 2013

Video of an unsuitable road for HGVs as you will see !, The A523 near Rudyard Lake, Staffordshire.

While filming one of my car journeys I captured this lorry getting stuck on this bendy hill road at the top of Rudyard Lake in Staffordshire. I was driving from Derby to Stockport for the Manchester Cider Festival.

Surely this road is not suitable for this type of lorry as you will see, it gets stuck and then as it drives off it keeps mounting the side wall. I guess his GPS took him up this route.

If you are wondering where this is then click my accurate map link HERE.
This bit of my journey is a tiny section of a 50 minute drive soon to be uploaded. If you like to see real driving videos on UK roads then subscribe and check out my collection from the past.

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My video of a Lorry on a tight bend on the A523.


Wednesday 19 June 2013

Time-lapse video of Stockport Football ground pitch being mowed.

Hope you like this simple quick time-lapse video I made while at this years Stockport Beer and Cider Festival which took place at the Edgeley Park, Stockport County F.C., Ground.
Best watched fullscreen at 720p/1080p

The real time passing in this video is actually about 21 minutes. I wish I had taken a portable battery supply as I could have run this for longer then as the effect is quite nice. Maybe next year.

My video:

Music Used :
Reverie (small theme) by _ghost
Licensed under Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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Hope you like it.

Tuesday 18 June 2013

3rd Greater Manchester CAMRA Cider and Perry Festival, Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd June.

If you like real Ciders and Perries then you are in for a treat in Manchester this weekend as they host the 3rd Greater Manchester Cider and Perry Festival.

This takes place at the Palace Hotel in the Copper Face Jacks Bar on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd June 2013.

Run by the branches of CAMRA Greater Manchester there will be Over 60+ Traditional Cider & Perries (plus soft drinks and food available all day). The festival will include the CAMRA Celtic and North England Cider Competition. Ciders from Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Merseyside, Cheshire, West Pennines, North East, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

Admission Prices and Opening Times:
Open Noon - 10.30pm both days
Admission £3 - Pay On The Door. £2 to CAMRA & EBCU members .

Here is a  Google Streetview of the Palace Hotel. This entrance on the corner is the one you need to use for this Cider Feestival :

View Larger Map

Sat Nav : M60 7HA

Cider and Perry list for the 2013festival :

Allen Cider
Ashgrove Orchard Ram
Blackmore Vale
Blaengawney Blindfold Medium Cider
Blaengawney Heartbreaker Dry Cider
Blaengawney National Treasure Sweet Cider
Bollhayes Cider
Border Orchards
Bottle Kicking Scrummage Cider
Burnards Montys Double Cider
Burnards Oaky Dokey Cider
Burrow Hill Medium Dry Cider
Chants Singing Cider
Cotswold No Brainer
Crossmans Cider
Days Cottage Cider
Dee Cider Dabinett Dry SV
Dee Cider Richards Medium
Dove Syke Ribble Valley Gold Medium Dry
Gray Cider
Greyfields Cider
Gwatkin Cider
Hecks Port Wine of Glastonbury Cider
Honeypot Cider
Jollydale Cider
Madhatters Cider
Madhatters Worlds End
Mays Cider
Millwhites Cider
Moorlands Farm Medium Dry Cider
Moorlands Farm Medium Sweet Cider
Newton Court Cider
Nooks Yard Dry Cider
Nooks Yard Medium Cider
Olivers Cider
Parsons Choice Cider
Pure North Fusion Cider
Pure North Valley Zest Cider
Raglan Cider Mill Dry Cider
Raglan Cider Mill Medium Cider
Red Bank Cider Proper Cider
Red Bank Cider Real Cider
Ross on Wye Cider
Sandford Orchards Devon Scrumpy Cider
Sarahs Cider
Seidr O Sir Betws Medium Cider
Seidr O Sir Cantref Sweet Cider
Sherston Cider
Skidbrooke Cider
Springherne Cider
Thornborough Cider
Wilkins Medium Cider

Blaengawney Blakeney Red Perry
Butford Organics Perry
Days Cottage Perry
Gwatkin Perry
Hartlands Perry
Hecks Hendre Huffcap Perry
Newton Court Perry
Nooks Yard Cheshire Perry
Olivers Perry
Raglan Cider Mill Blakeney Red Perry
Raglan Cider Mill Medium Perry
Rathays Painted Lady Perry
Ross on Wye Alpaca Perry
Swallowfields Perry

What qualifies as a Camra Real Cider.

For more details on this unique Northern Cider festival see their website :

Date for 2014 : 1st Manchester Beer & Cider Festival
Wednesday 22nd January to Saturday 25th January 2014 at Manchester Velodrome !


Friday 14 June 2013

iPhone 3GS - Replacing the loom for Headphone, Power, Volume and silent switches. video on how to do it and my handy tips.

This may be of help to you if you are about to have a go at replacing a faulty Mute switch/Headphone socket/Volume controls,Power button loom on an iPhone. I did it and its now fixed !

I recently bought a second hand iPhone 3GS and the phone was in good condition, all the buttons worked  apart from one. The power button on the top did not work reliably and consistently. This made it difficult to turn the phone off as holding it in for a few seconds did not work. Also pressing it briefly to turn the phone on or off did not work very often.

Investigation online showed that this was due to a damaged switch inside the phone. Being an electronics engineer I thought I would have a go at replacing the loom. This is what the replacement 3GS loom looks like :

Replacement 3GS loom with Headphone, Power, Volume and silent switches
Note you can get either a black or a white loom, but it does not really matter which you get.

I managed to find a very detailed step by step video that shows you how to disassemble an iPhone 3GS right down to the loom that we need to replace. And I really do mean detailed, screw by screw.
You can pretty much get any replacement part for your iPhone from Amazon, the loom for Headphone, Power, Volume and mute switches, The back casing, the home button, the front glass and batteries too :

These iPhone looms are available on ebay for as little as £2.49 I paid £3.50 for a new loom from a seller in Derby as it happens. Its worth looking around as you could pay over the odds for the very same thing. Click HERE to search for 3GS looms on ebayUK.
The loom is flat when you get it, You will have to fold it to match the original one in the iPhone. It has little strips of self adhesive tape on bits of the flex. You will need to peel off the white bits.

The step by step video on removing a faulty 3GS loom:

The major problem with this video is that it does NOT show you how to reassemble your iPhone and how to install the replacement loom. It just says reverse the procedure, Yea right !!!

Some other things I would suggest. When you open the phone up you will find its full of dust and other debris. Its best to try and remove all of this before you assemble the phone otherwise these bits may end up in the camera housing area and impair the cameras view. I used cotton buds soaked in Isopropyl alcohol and also a little can of air.

My tips to help you do this:
1) You must have tons of patience, this is a very complex process to follow.
2) Allow plenty of time to take it apart and put it back together. Don't rush it.
3) You will need a clean tidy, well lit desk to do this. It's not the kind of job you should attempt on your knee or on soft furnishings as the screws in the iPhone are so tiny you won't find them ever again if you drop them.
4) You must have the right screwdriver size, do not bodge it
5) I suggest you magnetize your screwdriver, I found it impossible to assemble it without doing this.
6) In order to make sure you do not forget any screws during the reassembly of the phone what I did was get an A4 bit of paper and stuck bits of Blutak on it so I could stick the screws into it as I removed them. I then wrote next to them helpful things such as "Step 5 - 8 x screws and camera clamp". The BluTak will stop them rolling around and the notes will help you put the phone back together in reverse.

7) I found it handy to stick the back of the iPhone down onto the desk using 4 balls of BluTak, this made it easy to fit the screws back in without having to hold the phone.
8) Use a movable table lamp to illuminate closely what your working on, ideally day light.
9) The battery in my phone was stuck down so was not removable like the one in this video. I had to carefully prize it off the back panel slowly bit by bit.
10) Do not use excessive force on the connections, look at the mating parts and understand how they fit together.
11) The view at 3:49 is of the top of the phone where the power button is.
12) When removing the 8 screws that hold the motherboard in place, one of the screws near the camera has a little spring bracket that holds the camera down.
13) In Step 8 be aware there is a small springy tag on the edge of the board near the antenna that will make it hard to pull the board out.
14) In Step 10 there are a few different lengths of screws, make a note on your paper which goes where.
15) When fitting the  new headphone socket you will have to fold the ribbon flex around the moulding. On the original one you will notice that it has clear insulating tape covering the components that are on the side of it. The replacement one does not have this so you will need to insert a tiny bit of paper down this bit to stop it shorting on the metal work near that corner otherwise you may find problems with your sound.
16) If the power button falls out and you are wondering how it fits back in. That odd metal bar thing (looks like a toilet roll holder) should be down and fits into the area below the button. It is there to provide a stability to the long power button so it does not wobble when you press it.
17) The small screwdriver I used was in a set of "jewelers screwdrivers" I got from Poundland.
18) If you damage anything when putting it back together you can always get spare parts for iPhone 3GS from Amazon.

Its worth pointing out that I did NOT have a suction removal tool, What I used was a big lump of BluTak which I mounded onto the glass near the home button I then grabbed hold of it and this worked perfectly. Probably would not work if it had a screen protector stuck on it.

After I reassembled the iPhone I was expecting it to not work at all or for something not to be quite right, but amazingly everything is fully working. And the power button is now perfectly reliable. So there you go fully fixed for a total of £3.59 for the loom and about 2 hours of time.

Testing that you have reassembled the iPhone 3GS correctly.
After such a fiddly process you are bound to make mistakes and not connect something correctly so its important to check everything before your 100% happy with the repair, especially if you have done this repair for someone else. After all you don't want to hand it back and then they come back to you a week later saying the Mapping no longer works.

Things to check after repair :
1) LCD missing lines. Are all the pixels on the display still working ok.
2) LCD Backlight, Is this working ok
3) Home button, try it several times.
4) Power button, try it several times by pressing briefly then try power off mode by holding it in for 4 seconds.
5) Volume buttons, play some music and try up and down several times.
6) Mute/Silent switch. Toggle this down and ensure the bell with a slash through it shows. toggle it up and ensure the bell with volume bargraph shows. Try several times.
7) Plug in some iPhone headphones and check left and right speakers are working ok.
8) Make a phone call and check that the microphone built into the headphone lead works ok.
9) Proximity sensor - Make a phone call then using your hand cover up the top face of the phone (where the earpiece is) and ensure that the backlight goes off. This checks you have plugged in the little ribbon correctly.
10) Click on the Maps app and tap the location button (bottom left), ensure that the GPS is working by the map moving to where you are.
11) Ensure that Wi-Fi is working by using the internet via your wifi connection.
12) Connect the iPhone USB lead and ensure that the iPhone starts to charge up ok.

Hope this helps you if your contemplating doing this. If you found my guide of use then please comment or link to it from Facebook etc.

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Have your photograph taken as Harry Potter at Platform 9 3/4 in Kings Cross Station, London.

Just when I'd thought I'd seen the last of Harry Potter references after going to the opening of the bridge I found this going on in King's Cross Railway Station. I've not been to King's Cross Railway Station for a couple of years so have not seen this before.
At the far end of the station there is a Harry Potter Shop and right next to this is Platform 9 3/4 where you can have your photograph taken in a way that makes it look like you are flying through the wall. They even lend you a Harry Potter scarf and flick it up at the right moment.

It would appear that Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick, Griphook the Goblin) opened the Harry Potter shop at Platform 9 3/4, King's Cross station on Friday 14th December 2012

Video of people trying to enter Platform 9 3/4 :

I wonder if they have insurance just in case someone manages to go through :)

Have you tried this? what are the results like?

Are you the two people that were having their photograph taken in my video?
This was filmed on Tuesday 11th June 2013 at 18:33

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Thursday 13 June 2013

The opening of "Harry Potter" bridge (former Kings Cross footbridge) at Ropley Station, Hampshire.

Following on from my last blog post here is my video of the official opening ceremony of the "Harry Potter" bridge at Ropley station, on the Watercress Line in Hampshire.

This footbridge was made right here in Derby in 1892 at the former Britannia Ironworks on Duke Street by Andrew Handyside and Company.

This bridge goes by many names, as well as Harry Potter Bridge its also called "Handyside Bridge" and was originally called King's Cross station footbridge.

My video of the Opening of "Harry Potter" bridge :

Read my previous post about this Handyside Bridge for more information.


Friday 7 June 2013

A very important day for me and Derby, The opening of "Harry Potter Bridge". Built by Andrew Handyside of Derby in 1892 for King's Cross Railway station now at Mid-Hants Railway, Watercress Heritage Line.

In honour of Andrew Handyside of Derby - Opening of "Harry Potter" bridge. 
It makes me very proud to represent Derby on this historic event.

On Tuesday 11th June 2013 a very important event is taking place for me that the people of Derby should be proud of. A famous bridge that was made in Derby one hundred and twenty one years ago is to be officially opened in its new home.
I have been invited as a special guest to the official opening of this bridge in its new location.

This footbridge was made right here in Derby at the former Britannia Ironworks on Duke Street by Andrew Handyside and Company. If you live on Handyside Street, Derby then raise a glass at noon on Tuesday.

King's Cross Railway Station Footbridge as it looked in 2006 :
Kings Cross Section

King’s Cross station opened in 1854, The footbridge was installed in 1893.
This famous footbridge was used by millions of people in King's Cross railway station until December 2008 when it was dismantled to allow for major redevelopment of the station. English Heritage stipulated that Network rail must find a suitable alternative use for this bridge when removed.
That new home is at Mid-Hants Railway, Watercress Heritage Line in Hampshire.
All 120 tons of this bridge was carefully taken apart, sandblasted and lovingly repainted once installed over the tracks at Ropley station, Hampshire.

At noon on Tuesday, Sir William McAlpine will unveil a Railway Heritage Trust Plaque and officially open this bridge. I will be there to take photographs, 360 degree VR photographs and video of the opening ceremony.

See this new location on my Andrew Handyside World Map of items. (fast PC need as lots of markers on my map!)

As well as the opening of this bridge they will also be celebrating the launch of NRM loco No 925 Cheltenham into traffic, this steam train has recently been restored by volunteers at Mid-Hants railway.

Read my blog for more information on King's Cross Footbridge.


Map of its new location at Ropley Station, Hampshire, UK :
Click this link to show a very accurate map location (works on Smartphones)

If your a big fan of the Harry Potter films then this bridge will be known to you as its was featured in the first film. Lots of Potter fans used to visit King's Cross railway station to walk along this very bridge.
On this footbridge is where Hagrid was filmed giving Harry his first Hogwarts Express ticket in Sorcerer’s Stone film.

The famous footbridge as seen in the 2001 film "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone" :
King's Cross Footbridge as seen in Harry Potter film

See my Friargate Bridge blog for details on this Andrew Handyside item.

For the first time I will be using Twitter to keep you in touch with my journey from Derby to Ropley.
I am setting out on Monday dinnertime getting a train from Derby to St Pancras then the Picadilly line from King's Cross to Leicester Square then from Leicester Square to Waterloo then another train from Waterloo to Alton. On Tuesday I will be on four steam train journeys!
By the time I get back to Derby I will have been on 10 train journeys total including Steam trains and Underground trains!
Follow my journey on Twitter : Andy Savage's Twitter feed.
I may be using the hashtag #AndrewHandyside or #BigJourney, not decided yet!
Feel free to retweet any interesting tweets.

If you would like to learn more about the Watercress line and this area of the country then I can highly recommend watching Great British Railway Journeys Series 3.

This series is now available on DVD :

The episode that features the Watercress  Line is episode number 7 of 25 "Reading to Alton, which is in the Windsor to Portland section of the series. You will then know why its called the "Watercress line".

A story about the forthcoming opening of the footbridge at Ropley Station was in last weeks Basingstoke Gazette

For more information on the Watercress Line see their website :

Andrew Handyside Company Ltd of Derby and London.
If your from Derby then you would be forgiven not knowing who Andrew Handyside was because for some reason we seem to have completely forgotten about this Victorian Iron Founder that put Derby on the map in its day. At one time Handyside were the second biggest employer in Derby !

Andrew Handyside & Co Ltd, was the creator of Friar Gate Bridge in Derby. People do not realise just how well renowned the work of Handyside was to Victorian life, I intend to show just how much impact he had on the world and why its important that we restore Friar Gate bridge in his honor. I have devoted thousands of hours of my spare time to this vast project. I am hoping to write a book on the subject as I have spent so much time on this, the world needs to know about this great man that put Derby on the map.

Here is a drawing of Andrew Handyside courtesy of Edinburgh Portrait Gallery :
Chalk drawing of Andrew Handyside.

Did you know this company made thousands of the iconic red post boxes that you see all around the UK?
Their bridges still stand all around the world today, still being used by trains and cars.
The amazing decorative fountains are also all over the globe and recently are being restored, people are getting in touch with me often about information on their fountains.
Their iron work is well known for being of the highest quality.

I have devoted many thousands of hours of my time to researching this company and tracking down every item around the world, mapping them out on my Andrew Handyside World location Map.
I have created a dedicated Andrew Handyside Flickr group which has a vast collection of photographs relating to Handyside.

Handyside post box on Bishop's Drive, Oakwood

And also a dedicated Andrew Handyside Blog which features items as I get time to post about them. Please take some time to have a real good look around my blog and map and see if you learn something from them.

If you have not yet signed my petition to get our very Andrew Handyside bridge restored then please sign it :
Friar Gate Bridge Restoration Petition. Our bridge in Derby is 135 years old, so much older than the King's Cross bridge. But no one seems to care about our own heritage !

Andy Savage

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Review of Stockport Beer and Cider Festival 2013 by Andy Savage.

The 27th Stockport Beer and Cider festival started on Thursday 30th May and ran through to Saturday 1st June 2013.
The charity for this festival was Walthew House, a local charity providing help for people with sight and hearing problems.

This is the first time I've been to Stockport Beer and Cider festival and I can honesty say CAMRA have done a really good job with this one. I'm a Cider drinker rather than beer drinker, of all the beer festivals I've been to this one had the biggest and best selection of Ciders and Perries I've seen (well apart from The Great British Beer Festival of course). There were over 200 Beers !

The venue for this Beer festival was Edgeley Park, Stockport's Football Ground.

This was a superb venue for a beer festival as there were thousands of seats for people.
People sitting enjoying a drink at the festival.

Seating is normally a problem at most beer festivals but because this one was at a football ground and you were allowed to sit anywhere in the 5044 seats of the Cheadle Stand (behind the goal at the West end of the ground)

Panorama of Stockport football ground, location for the Beer and Cider Festival 2013.

Additionally to these seats there were hundreds more in the TNT Post Suite, this is where the food was being served and another room where the entertainment took place.
As well as the food being served in the TNT Suite there was a Fish and Chip van located near the entrance onto the terraces.

Getting to the Beer Festival was quite easy, the ground it located just out of the town centre on Hardcastle Road, the number 11 BUS service ran nearby. You were greeted by volunteers where you could buy your Program for £1, they checked your CAMRA membership card
and up the steps into the ground.

You then hire your half or pint glass for £2. The half pint festival glasses were very good quality etched ones. Very nice!
Oaky Dokey Cider by Burnard's, the pitch in the background.
The Cider and Perry bars were on the left and the Beers on the right as you walked down. Then CAMRA membership stalls and other stalls and Bottled beers.
Along this route were entrances up onto the Terrace and Toilets.
At the far end you could walk down the steps to get to the TNT Suite, where there was live entertainment lunch and evening for all three days provided by The Casino Allstars, Walthew House Steel Band, Atlanta Soul, The Brasswurt Bavarian Beer Band and the Dana Dixon Band.

The weather for the three days of the festival was very nice which helped. It was great being able to sit down outside with your drink and watch the
endless stream of planes coming in to land.
On the Saturday the groundskeeper was mowing the pitch with a manual mower which I used my time-lapse camera to capture, see that video soon.

There were so many Cider and Perries at this festival that there was a separate 4 page booklet for them.
There were 63 Ciders and Perries to try from all over the country.

A few of the Ciders and Perries on offer at this beer festival.
My personal favourites were Oaky Dokey Cider by Burnard's Banham, Norfolk 4.5%ABV
Sweet and Medium Perry by Sheppy Taunton, Somerset 6%ABV
Country Perry by Westons Much Marcle, Herefordshire. 4.5%ABV
Port Wine of Glastonbury by Hecks Street, Somerset 6.5%ABV

Did you go to this years beer festival? What did you think to it?

Keep a look out on my YouTube channel for some videos that I took at Stockport Beer and Cider festival, I will be posting these very soon.