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Tuesday 20 January 2015

Google Maps Tilt View - Derby can now be seen in 3D using new scan data!

If you are a regular user of Google Maps Earth View then you will know that the Satellite View of Derby shows old imagery from around 2006 this means that the Google Streetview images often did not tally up with the view from above. Well now in January 2015 that's finally been updated.

Google have at last re-scanned the area from above so we can now see things such as Derby Bus Station etc.

Not only have they rescanned the view from above they have now added a brand new feature to Maps, this is Tilt View. This is only available on Desktop at the moment but I dare say the Google Maps App on smartphones will be updated soon.

Victoria Street Wardwick junction as seen in the new tilt View.

The new Tilt view button has appeared on Google Maps here.....

Here are two such examples of the new tilt view of Derby, Click it to view full size. Pretty good eh ! :

Google Maps Tilt view over Derby.

Derby University as seen in the new Tilt view.

Try it out for yourself. Use my link here to get Google Maps view of Derby :
Google Maps view of Derby.

Then Click on the "Earth" button in the bottom left of the map window so it shows you satellite imagery. As you can see this is now showing new scan data over Derby.

3D Tilt View
Now for the amazing new feature of Google Maps. On the right side near the bottom you will notice a new icon below the compass that says "Tilt the View". Click on it and you will be presented with a brand new 3D rendered view of Derby. Click it again and the viewing angle drops down a bit more.
You can use the compass to rotate the view around.

You can also hold down the Shift key or the Control key while moving your mouse around to get every angle and viewpoint !

NOTE : It takes quite a while to render the full image. So initially the view looks like an old computer game but leave it render the view and it looks pretty good.

You can also fly over the 3D view using the cursor keys.